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Reincarnation - What is the Reincarnation?

The reincarnation consists of returning to the human life after the physical death. It is to say to return to be born like human without the memory of the previous lives.

Some to see or to listen to the word Reincarnation make feel their reality immediately, others need to research that knowledge and look for favorable and opposite arguments the reincarnation; more perhaps they get to accept that reality and others in spite of all the arguments reject it.
Based on the Law of Action-Reaction, the possibility of the reincarnation and the continuation with the experiences after the death it gives the occasion us to put in practice all the spiritual lessons and to put remedy to the errors committed in the previous life to be able to later reach the knowledge that allows the dominion of the spirit on the matter.

Let us see some theological aspects on the reincarnation.
The Church has preferred to instill in us the fear to hell and the eternal sentence, before to grant to us the knowledge, indispensable to be able to choose and to be independent of blind obedience, or the promises to enter the Paradise.
The Reincarnation, however, is a privileged mechanism that warranty divine justice, the divine love of God, Divine Essence, Nature, or as each one interprets it.
As well as the genius is born and it does not become, there is truths with which it is born and they are pronounced abruptly or gradually and they wake up to a reality that gives new sense to the life.
That happens to the Reincarnation, all will not be able to accept it, why in year 553 Council of Constantinopla, presided over by the Pope but by a lay one (Emperor Justiniano I) did not cause that "heresy" was declared the education of Origins of Alexandria and other Parents of the Church, all of them believers in the reincarnation.
Fifteen postulates were condemned by conciliate among them: the preexistence of the souls, the Reincarnation, the eternity of the creation, etc.
Today due to the natural human evolution and when mental waking up that at the moment it happens, to wake up that he is not equal for all since there are souls with more and less experiences, the majority would accept the Reincarnation and other truths by inspiration and not by dogma.
The aim of century 19 had been very different, with a majority acceptance between the Christians, if I conciliate had not decreed what decreed symbolically like key for the future; it did retaining by the force in Rome Virgilio Pope who had to preside over it and who had accepted the lessons as they were transmitted, being reencarnacionista (believing in the reincarnation).
Virgilio Pope and his successors Pelagio I, Pelagio II and Gregorio I, rejected the arranged thing by I conciliate. This lasted until year 604.
In the West, at the moment most obstinate to accept the possibility of the Reincarnation, generally, they are the Christian groups, for those who nothing will gain with showing some outstanding Biblical versicles to them by the students of the subject; equal they will give another explanation him to those versicles.
The knowledge of the reincarnation is millenarian, but new in its cosmic conception to the light of the present human evolution and modern physical science.
Nevertheless we cannot not know that the first Wise Parents of the Church related to the education left by Jesus Christ accepted the Reincarnation.
Justino Martir (100 - 165) expressed: "the soul lives more on once in a human body, but it cannot remember his previous experiences".
San Clemente of Alexandria (150 - 220) indicated: "Before the creation of the world we preexisted in God, rational creatures of the Verb of God because of which we went back in the beginning".
Origins of Alexandria (185 - 254) he emphasized several theological principles. He said: "the preexistence of the souls Exists: the soul is immaterial and therefore there is neither principle nor aim of his no existence. There is a constant process towards the perfection, being we first like mud glasses, after glass, silver, to finalize like gold chalices. All the spirits were created without fault, and all have to return, finally, to their original perfection. The education of the souls continues in successive worlds. There are innumerable worlds that follow an a others during eternal eras. It will not be more according to the reason than each soul for certain mysterious reasons is introduced in a body in agreement with its merits and previous actions ".
Sinesio (370 - 430) declared: "Father grants that my soul, being in the light no longer is submerged in the deceptive Earth illusion. The soul that did not return soon to the celestial region of where was sent to the Earth, must pass through many lives crossing the world ".
Archbishop Puacher Passaralli of the order of the Capuchinos, attached apostolic preacher to Santo Sínodo (Vatican) is in favor of the thesis of the Reincarnation, writing to senator Taurredi, his companion of beliefs, the following words:
"If it were possible to popularize the idea of the plurality of the existence in this world, it would be means to make the divine will to allow the man to expiar his sins, to be purified and to make an effort in being worthy of God and the inmortal life.
This would be a great step that would solve intrincate and painful problems that distress to the human soul.
I think every day more about this truth, that will be prodigal in benefits for the religion and the society."
Although it is truth that in our western world is taking force so idea, the belief and indoctrinates of the Reincarnation is well-known from the antiquity and maintained by the diverse present religions of all Asia and taught by multiple philosophical and spiritualist schools. Many known old philosophers good, such as Pitágoras, Sócrates, Plato and very many others, maintained like truth the law of the Renaissances, is to say of the reincarnation.
There is a phrase of Pitágoras to his advanced disciples more: "a life in the meat, is not more than a curtain ring in the long chain of the evolution of the soul".
It could also mention many phrases of other philosophers and of some parents of the primitive Christian Church, but I will conclude the introduction to this subject, mentioning only one of the phrases of the Gospel, for those who are within the Christian doctrine or belong to some of the churches of the Christianity. Because the Reincarnation or return to the physical life, is very clear in the New Testament.
When Jesus, the Mesías, spoke to the multitude that followed to him, and talking about to Juan the Baptist said: "and if you want to oir it, it is Elías that was to come". (S. Mateo XI v. 14-15). Then, this return of Elías to the meat, to the physical life, had been announced by Malaquías prophet (IV-5).
And in the Gospel of San Mateo (C. XVII v. 12-13), in the one of San Marcos (C. IX v. 10-12), in the one of San Lucas (C. I v 13-14-15-16-17), they refer clearly that Jesus said that Elías had come in the person from Juan the Baptist. You can verify it.
That is that, Jesus, the Mesías, he affirmed that Elías, the spirit of Elías naturally, had returned to the physical life, had reincarnated in the person of Juan the Baptist (Johanan, son of Zacarías and Isabel).
Before this affirmation of the Mesías, some doubt fits.
Why, then, this truth by the Christian churches is hidden.
The Reincarnation comprised of the Christian doctrine, in the first centuries of the primitive Christianity, that pure Christianity, of love and renunciación.
This foundation of the spiritual progress by means of the Renaissances, has arisen again in the middle of century XIX, by the effort of a missionary of the spiritism, known with the name of Allán Kardec that has contributed greatly to give new life to this truth in our western world.
Happening through many existence we only can obtain that the values of the soul evolve, and the human race can improve as a whole.
In fact there are three positions or theories in this subject that step to detail.
I expose the same ones to the criterion of you, because nothing must accept by dogma or imposition, but that must arise from our own reasoning, of our own one to feel. We must accept what it is in affinity with our thought, to feel that affinity, coincident with our discernment, only way to apply the true faith in all our acts.
1. The Materialistic Theory maintains that the life is a trip of the birth to the death; that the mind is the result of certain correlations of the matter; that the man is elevated intelligent life of the Cosmos; and that its intelligence perishes when the body is disintegrated after the death. It does not have absolutely nothing else there of the death.
2. The Theological Theory affirms that each birth a soul just created by the hands of God enters the experience of the life, happening of an invisible state, through the birth, to a visible existence. To the period end short of our life in the material world we happened, through the death, to the further on invisible one, from where one does not become more and than our happiness or misfortune it is determined by all the eternity by the works that we have made during the infinitesimal period between the birth and the death. Infinitely infinitesimal if we compared it with the Universe. This theory maintains the immortality of the soul.
3. The Theory of the Reincarnation or Renaissance standard that each soul is a part born of God, and that is developing all the divine possibilities, as well as the seed develops a plant; that by means of incarnations repeated in a human body we are improving the quality gradually and developing the powers given by our divine nature; that all the humanity will reach the goal of the perfection and the return to its origin, the divinity. The soul is inmortal but it is developed through multiple incarnations.
The purpose of showing these three theories, one in against and two in favor of the life beyond the death has in detail by purpose that the reader values the different schools from thought on this fundamental subject ours to feel and ours to think, not always explained.
The cause that a mystery is beyond the reach of the human understanding does not mean that we do not have to try to include/understand it, to where it is possible, within the dominion of the intellect.
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