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Spiritual and Physical Planes


Next we will explain the prayer, main means to request aid to our evolved brothers.

The prayer would have at night to be the key of the day and the bolt.

Dr Alexis Carrel, celebrates thinker and physiologist who outside honored with the Prize Nóbel de Medicina of 1912. (Extracts of its work "the Oration").
"To us - men of the West the reason seems to us muy.superior.a the intuition; we greatly preferred intelligence to the feeling. Science radiates, at the rate that the religion is extinguished. We followed Discardings and we left Pascal."
"This way we tried, in the first place, to cultivate our intelligence. As far as the nonintellectual activities of the spirit, such as the moral sense, the sense of the beautiful thing and, mainly, the sense of the asylum, are despised in almost complete form."
"the atrophy of these fundamental activities turns to the modern man in a completely blind being, and that disease does not allow him to be a good constituent element of the society. And to the bad quality of the individual we must attribute the decline of our civilization."
"In fact, the spiritual thing becomes for the success of the life like the intellectual and the material so necessary. Therefore, he is urgent to make appear again in we ourself those mental activities that, more than intelligence, give force to our personality. And the most ignored of among them it is the sense of the asylum, the religious feeling."
"the sense of the asylum is expressed, mainly, by the oration. The oration, like the sense of the asylum, is, evidently, a spiritual phenomenon. But, being the spiritual world outside the field of our techniques, how we must, meanwhile, to acquire a positive knowledge of the oration "
"Happily, the dominion of Science includes the totality of which he is observable and it can, by interval of the physiology, to extend until the manifestations of the spiritual thing."
"Thus, it is by the systematic observation of the man who says, that we can learn of what the phenomenon of the oration consists, the technique of its production and its effects."
"Definition of the oration: The oration seems to be, essentially, a tension of the spirit towards the "immaterial substractum" of the world. Of a general way it consists of a complaint, an anguish shout, an aid order, and sometimes one becomes a calm contemplation of the Principle Inmanente and Trascendente of all the things."
"We can also define it like an elevation of the soul towards God or like an act of love and adoration towards That to That must this wonder that is called Life."
"In fact, the oration represents the effort of the man to communicate with an invisible, Creative Being of everything what exists, Supreme Wisdom, Force and Beauty, Father of all and each one of us."
"Far from consisting of a simple recitación of formulas, the true oration represents a mystical state in which the conscience is absorbed in God."
"This state is not of intellectual nature, and for that reason he remains inaccessible for the philosophers and the wise people; in the same way that the sense of the beautiful thing and the love does not demand any libresco knowledge."
"the simple souls feel God as naturally as they feel the heat of the sun or the perfume of a flower; but this so accesible God for which it knows it to love, hides itself for that it does not know it to include/understand."
"the thought and the word feel impotent to describe it. It is why the oration finds his more high expression in an ecstasy of love through the dark night of intelligence."
"How one is due to pray: We learned the technique of the oration with the Christian mystics."
"to reach to God no longer there are bloody necessity of a ceremonial complex, nor sacrifices. The oration was made and its simple technique thus easy."
"to pray coarse only a effort to elevate to us towards God; such effort, nevertheless, must be affective and nonintellectual. Be short or you release, you are vocal or hardly mental, the plegaria must be similar to the conversation that a boy has with his father."
"Each one appears as is"; in sum, it is prayed as it is loved: yet our being."
"As far as the form of the oration, he varies from the short elevation towards God, to the contemplation; from the simple words pronounced by the farmer before the cross in an encounter of ways, to the magnificencia of a gregoriano song under the vaults of a cathedral. The solemnity, the greatness and the beauty are not necessary for the effectiveness of the oration, and either there is no necessity to be eloquent to be taken care of."
"When the value of the oration by its results is considered, ours humbler words of plea and praise are so acceptable to the Gentleman of all the beings like the most beautiful invocations."
"and also it is prayed by means of the action; San Luis Gonzaga already said that the fulfillment of having is equivalent to the plegaria. The best way to communicate with God is, unquestionably, to fulfill completely Its Will. "Father our: Your Kingdom comes to us, thus hágase Your Earth Will like in Skies... ". And to make the Will of God consists, evidently, in obeying the Laws of the Life, as They are recorded in our weaves, our blood and our spirit."
"the orations, that rise like a heavy cloud of the Earth surface, differ as much from others as they defer the personalities from which says. But they consist of variations on these two subjects: the bitterness and the love. He is entirely right to implorar aid to God to obtain that of which we have necessity, whereas he would be absurd to request the accomplishment of a whim, or to request what we must try to us with our effort."
"the persistent and intense order well is taken care of. A blind person, seated to the border of the way sent his strong pleas more and more, in spite of the people who wanted it to make shut up. "Your faith cured to you", díjole Jesus who happened."
"In its elevated form more, the oration stops being a request; the man declares, to the Gentleman of all the things, who thanks for His favors to him and that are arranged to make Their Will, is she as he will be. The plegaria becomes, thus, in contemplation."
"an old farmer was seated single in the last bank of an empty church. What delays, preguntáronle. "I contemplate It to" - the man responded and "he contemplates me".".
"the value of a technique is considered by its results. All technique of oration is good when it puts to the man in contact with God."
"Where and when one is due to pray. It can be prayed everywhere: in the street, an automobile, a wagon, the writing-desk, the school, the office. But it is said better in the fields, mountains, the forests, next to the sea or in the solitude of the quarter."
"Also they are the liturgical orations that become in the church, but, anyone is the place of the oration, God does not speak to the man if this one does not stay in calm state. The inner calm depends, at the same time, of our organic and mental state and the means in which we were submerged; but La Paz of the body and the spirit is difficult to obtain in the middle of the confusion, the racket and the dispersion of the modern cities. Only being made a habit pray, the oration acts on the character; therefore, it is precise to pray frequently. "It thinks about God more times than those than you breathe", said Epícteto."
"He is absurd that we pray in the morning and that in the rest of the day we behave like Barbarians. Short thoughts or mental invocations can maintain to the man in the presence of God; then, all our way to come will be inspired by the oration."
"Thus included/understood, the plegaria becomes a way to live."
"Effects of the oration: When it has been done in advisable conditions, the oration always is followed by a result, "Never man some prayed without learning some thing" wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson. Meanwhile saying is considered, by the modern men, like a habit fallen in disuse, a superstition or a rest of barbarism. For that reason we ignored its effects almost completely."
"Which are, in fact, the causes of that ignorance? In the first place, the little use of the oration. The sense of the asylum is on the verge of disappearing between the civilized ones."
"In addition, the oration is often sterile, since many of which pray are egoistic, proud, incapable of faith and love. The answer to our orders and our Love is usually given, in slow form, insensible and inaudible. The observers are often disoriented by the fact that the answer is in many cases, far from being that that was expected. Thus, that that requests the cure of an organic disease continues ill, but it undergoes a deep and inexplicable moral transformation."
"psico-physiological Effects: The oration acts on the spirit and the body in a form that seems to depend on its quality, its intensity and its frequency. It is easy to know which is the frequency of the oration and, in a certain measurement, his intensity; as far as the quality, stranger stays, because we do not have means to measure the faith and the capacity of love of the others. When the oration is habitual and truely fervent, its influence becomes more manifest and we can compare it to the one of an internal secretion gland, like, for example, the thyroid or the suprarrenal. It consists of a species of mental and organic transformation that operates in a progressive form."
"Diríase that in deepest of the conscience ignites a flame. The man sees such as he is, he puts in discovered his mistaken egoísmo, its greed, its judgments and their pride. And then one subjects to the fulfillment of having moral, trying to acquire intellectual humility. Thus the kingdom of the Grace is opened before him. Little by little it is taken place in him an inner pacification, a harmony of nervous and moral activities, a greater resignation before the poverty, the calumny and the shortages, and greater capacity to support, without on the point of passing out, the loss of his, the pain, the disease. and the "death". By such reason, the doctor who sees say his patient must rejoice for that reason, because the originating calm of the oration is a powerful aid for the therapeutic one."
"Nevertheless, we do not have to consider to the oration like resemblance to morphine, since the plegaria originates at the same time that the calm, an integration of the mental activities and a species of flowering of the personality. Sometimes even it produces the heroísmo and it marks its faithfuls with a particular seal. The purity of the glance, the tranquillity of the bearing, the calm joy of the expression, the virilidad of the conduct and, if outside necessary, the simple acceptance of the "death" - of the soldier or the martyr they translate the presence of the treasure that is hidden in the intimate thing of the organs and the spirit."
"the oration, according to seems, elevates to the men over the mental stature that corresponds in agreement with its inheritance and its education to them. This "contact" with God impregnates them of peace, and La Paz radiates of them, and take La Paz to all parts where they go."
"curativos Effects: Those are the curativos effects of the oration that - in all the times they have waked up mainly the attention of the men. Still today, in the means in which it is said is current to hear speak of the obtained cures thanks to pleas directed to God and the saints, although, when one is ailments susceptible to cure themselves spontaneously or with the help of vulgar medicines, it is difficult to know which was the true agent of the cure. Only in the cases in that the therapeutic one is inapplicable or in which the same one does not produce effect, the results of the oration can be verified in safe form. The medical distribution of Lourdes has served great to science, having demonstrated the reality of those cures "
"the oration has, sometimes, an effect that we could call explosive. There are patients who have been cured almost instantaneously of affections such as face lupus, renales cancer, infections, pulmonary tuberculosis, bony tuberculosis, peritoneal tuberculosis, etc. The phenomenon takes place almost always in the same way: a great pain and, immediately, the perception to be cured. In some seconds or, when much, in some hours, the symptoms disappear and the organic injuries heal "
"E1" miracle "is characterized by a strange acceleration of the normal processes of cures, and such acceleration never was observed, until the present, in the course of experiences done by surgeons and physiologists. So that these phenomena produce not it is necessary that patient prays, because in Lourdes creatures have been cured who not yet spoke and, also, incredulous people. Somebody, meanwhile, prayed near them. The oration done by another one is always fecund than the done one by the own person interested in receiving the benefits. Of the intensity and quality of the plegaria it seems to depend his effect."
"Such are the results of the oration of which I have certain knowledge. What we already know in safe form is that the oration produces concrete effects. By very strange that this can seem, we must consider like real which that requests receives and that always "opens the door" to that "strikes"."


When the word is without being able, our example without authority, our tenderness without penetration, we can still beam in please the souls the mysterious conspiracy of the prayer and obtain what our persistence could not obtain.

He is preferable to say with the heart without finding words, that to find the words without the adhesion of the heart.

Nonsingle we received forces or vibrations praying, but that also we attract forces or vibrations with ours to drive, with our feelings and our thoughts.
In our world, by lack of the true necessary spiritual knowledge, we constantly attract negative forces by means of the thoughts and desires of badly, hatreds, resentments, jealousy, you envy, egoísmos, deceits, doubts, fears, ambitions and those negative forces or vibrations physically press and penetrate in our being, harming to us spiritual and, getting sometimes to conform diseases, that are not easy to remedy by average physicists solely nor either by spiritual means only, because the matter can or be so harmed that it needs medical aid for his reestablishment; but if the attention and the improvement are only physical and the spiritual part is not remedied, that is the cause, the matter will return to become ill.
It is necessary to consider that if our flaquea faith and we give entrance to the negative vibration of the doubt, is not possible to us to attract the positive forces and, therefore, never we will get to feel its effects in us nor to verify them in those for which we prayed.
It is necessary that when initiating to us in a true spiritual way we know that the negative forces will try while it is possible to them, to prevent our approach to the people and places where we pruned to receive the positive forces that help us in the order; consequently they put, at first, physical disadvantages and spiritual, getting to conform in our own mind doubt thoughts and by ricochet, that if we are not warned we could accept like ours, to move away to us of the wonderful Way of the Truth.
When it assaults to us a negative thought we must analyze if really he is ours, that is to say, if we are able to think of that way: opposite case we must reject it, because it is not more than negative vibrations than try to infiltrate.

Spiritual and Physical Planes

From the spiritual scope we called Spiritual Plane to the aspect that includes a determined range of different evolutionary points, from most inferior to the most developed within that range.
We say that there is an ascending or descendent scale, according to of where we start off.
Ascending scale means that the greater contained evolutionary point in a spiritual plane is immediate inferior to the initial evolutionary point of the following plane and thus until arriving at divine planes. It is to say that the maximum point of a plane is inferior to the minimum point of the following plane and so on.
The Divine Planes as well include all the evolutionary points corresponding to the stage of "divinización". Let us remember that the spirits who arrive at divine planes initiate the divinización stage that is the last stage.
The invisible Physical Planes include, each one of them, a range of vibrations, densest to subtlest, but of the same vibratory tonic, the same vibratory quality.
The Mental Plane includes a range of mental vibrations.
TheEmocional-Sensorial Plane includes a range of emotional and sensorial vibrations.
The Plane of the Will includes a range of vibrations of will.
These vibrations, mental, emotional-sensorial and of will have different quality and different vibratory frequency, for that reason each one of them conforms a different plane.
In addition it separates the degree of subtility of each one, that determines an action hierarchy as well, because since we have studied, to greater greater subtility to be able of action, greater force.
In order to clarify more east subject we will say that subtlest of the emotional-sensorial vibrations it is below the denser mental vibration; subtlest of the mental vibrations it is below the vibration of denser will.
As result we see clearly that the vibration of will has hierarchy on the mental one. The mental vibration as well has hierarchy on the emotional-sensorial one.
Despite these hierarchies they are diminished and until trastrocadas in the human inasmuch as when putting into action our free will we give greater superiority to one on another one, greater superiority to the emotional thing, letting to us drag by the aspects of the so negative pride in us, that we have treated so exhaustive in you are pages.
From mentioned the flat invisible physicists it takes the spirit the vibrations necessary to conform its invisible physical bodies; the mental human, emotional-sensorial or the human soul and the one of the human will. These planes include all the range of vibrations that need the encarnantes spirits or spiritual projection, according to their evolutionary point, whichever it is that it has.
Of course that range has a maximum and a minimum, for that reason when it must incarnate a divinizado being, it adapts his vibration diminishing it according to which the incarnation plane allows him, it is to say that the projection is the sufficiently small thing so that their vibratory power is contained by the plane.
If the matter wanted to incarnate its power yet to take would be destroyed, it would not support the vibratory frequency of that being.
This is easy to understand through the observation of our means: if we applied a greater energy than supported by any element that it destroys.
For example: if an apparatus is designed for an electrical current of 110V. and we applied 220 to him V, is based. If a globe supports an internal pressure of 3 atmospheres and we applied 6 atmospheres to him explodes.
For that reason it is that of those divinizados beings a smallest projection of its spirit incarnates, of its essence, according to which always supports the incarnation plane.
All the mentioned planes are universal, is to say that they are present in all the universe.
The physical plane to which our planet belongs includes in all the universe, worlds, galaxies and systems that are within the vibratory limits of the same one, still much more of which we can there perceive by our average technological physicists and.
In this same plane there are other planets o'clock evolutionary inferior to ours, evolutionary superior, o'clock subtler, and in equal evolutionary point, where also experiences are made.
If we evolved and we progressed without transgressing the law, is to say that we acted according to the true conscience, according to the spiritual value like seed born of God, we make experiences in other worlds, in our same evolutionary point, without painful experiences but with the same necessities. The overcoming necessities are same or similar the each being in all the universe, but we have our free will to generate or nonexperiences painful.
Of being thus we would not incarnate in this world then when not having debts in this site would not be necessary, with which single we would incarnate with purpose of spiritual aid, with a determined spiritual task.
Each one of us must return to transform the vibrations of its own errors into the place of the universe in which they are assignment or in totally similar places if the original place no longer were available. When we say that he is not available, we must think that that place can have evolved, by law, and be outside the reach of our evolutionary point therefore we will use another place of characteristic similars then all the facts are always equivalent; that is divine justice.
Although the experiences can be very different by the average physicists who present/display, do not let be, by divine justice, equivalent to ours.
By experience law all the divine seeds must make same elliptical with their stages of densificación and sutilización, anyone is the part of the universe in where it corresponds to him to act, until arriving at the "divinización".

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