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We already can to extend and to review the concepts on as a spirit incarnates.
The spirit, "divine seed", located in the spiritual plane that corresponds to him according to its evolutionary point, determines in the space the experiences to make like flesh.
Arrived the moment the spirit he carries out a same projection of if to the incarnation plane or astral plane of the corresponding world.
In that astral plane the spiritual projections in their different evolutionary points, the evolutionary point dwell "embryo" that makes experiences in minerals and vegetables, the point "semi-conscience" that make experiences in the kingdom animal and the one from "total conscience" that is when the human experience begins, that is experimenting in the world to which this plane corresponds.
Although the spiritual projection is located in the astral plane is bound to the spirit, to the spiritual being who remains in his spiritual plane.
Better to include/understand we will say that the spirit does his own projection extending of if same an appendix reason why that projection is not come off the spiritual being from who comes and is formed by an aspect of spiritual mind and an aspect of spiritual soul.
She is the one that takes the human form and declares, its aspect of spiritual mind through the human mind, its sensorial aspect or spiritual soul through the human soul or emotional-sensorial body.
Here we observed an important detail: the single spiritual soul has sensorial aspects, however, the human soul has emotional and sensorial aspects, of which it is deduced that the emotional aspect only belongs to this physical plane.
Although we want to eliminate the emotional aspect of our human life we will not be able inasmuch as it is an own aspect of the plane, but must manage to dominate it of such form that the emotions do not desarmonicen to us. It is totally I bid to feel emotion, but this does not have to overflow to us. The overflowings are negative, as much in the sadness as in the joy. If the sadness is transformed into a depressive picture he is negative. If the joy is translated in an uncontrollable emotional overflowing he is negative.
The spirit showed through the spiritual projection is the one that conforms, according to his necessities of experience, the invisible physical bodies, mental human and human or emotional-sensorial soul, and visible the physical body, imprimiendo the necessary characteristics to them.

"the way by which the spirit is united to the body cannot be included/understood by the man; and, nevertheless, this is the man "

He is the spiritual being who determines his necessities, within the law, and generates his visible and invisible bodies physical.
The circumstances by means of which we will make the experiences are approached us by the law, that always it establishes, through divine justice, those for which we are prepared in time and forms, preventing that to us those arrive that surpasses to us.
If we are not prepared for a certain circumstance and the same one arrived to us we would commit, without doubt, an error and we would attract karma our life that does not correspond to us.
For example: is being the one who through his necessities determines family within which she will do his experiences, because she will be the one that contributes, in addition to the predicted human circumstances, genetic, racial, social, cultural the characteristics, etc., and the law will provide the facts to make the necessary overcomings.
A made time a human experience, al to desencarnar, the physical body is disturbed in its basic elements; the invisible physical bodies, mental human and human soul, come off the mental and emotional-sensorial vibrations and go respectively to the planes mental and astral.
The mental aspect of the projection showed through the human mind retrotrae and gets up the wisdom acquired through the obtained overcomings. The same it happens to the sensorial aspect of the projection that incorporates the positive sensations. But also it keeps in his spiritual projection the necessities from transformation from originated negative vibrations in that incarnation; it is like a detail of his kármicas debts.
Therefore the spiritual projection follows in the incarnation plane, astral plane of the world, until it finds completed all the experiences requested by the spirit in the space and settled all the kármicas debts caused by the negative human actions.
The projection stays, incarnating and desencarnando so many times as it is necessary until completing all the predicted one. This is what gives origin to the successive lives, so accepted in the Eastern religions.
By means of the accumulated experiences through multiple incarnations we have obtained the mental progress and the moral point in which at the moment we were.
All the related one to our present life, for example, the memory of all the events and of whichever surrounds is stored to us in the human mind. The spiritual mind registers the obtained overcomings; like the human mind disgrega when desencarnar, we did not remember from a life to another one the particular details of each one.
The spiritual soul registers the sensations of whichever happens to us, is why we can get to perceive certain identification with last times at which there are been, to feel impact in our soul before some facts of our history. Also we can feel the sensation of having been in a site, to be convinced that we know that place, although arrive for the first time in this incarnation. As the aspect spiritual soul of the projection is expressed through the human soul, it is that we can have all these perceptions being incarnated.
This mechanism that annuls the details of the incarnations is a protection of the law; that it would happen if in previous lives we committed serious errors, actions outside all moral, we participated in degrading facts, as it would hit in our present life.
And if those facts were of glory, being able, of encumbradas positions, as it would hit in our pride. We see that the love and justice are present in everything.


According to the received knowledge the incarnations are made every 400 years approximately, whenever a necessity of spiritual task between the humans does not mediate whom a faster incarnation justifies before the law one more to be able to finalize the entrusted task.
Sometimes the task-love includes more than a human life; in that case it is reincarnated more quickly, the 400 approximated years are not expected, or a trasmigración takes place; it is continued living beyond the predicted time.
That it is the trasmigración? It consists of being little by little desencarnando and also little by little to go to us incorporating to another human body, that the other being is leaving as well.
This is made between two beings who have come making together experiences during very many incarnations since a great vibratory affinity must exist among them so that one can use the body of the other.
This experience is conformed in the space, before incarnating both beings and analyzed and allowed by the law.
That love must have the being who lends itself to desencarnar more young one to give his body to the other, that he must fulfill the task.
The data of the present life are stored in the human mind that is that the being who takes the body continues working in means, the family and the surroundings of that body, because all the necessary data continue being in the mind that takes consequently.
As desencarna of its own body leaves that personality and assumes the new one without realizing from the human point of view, but it registers it at spiritual level. That is to say, he is the same spirit but it uses a new instrument and it acts so as it is that instrument. The Law as well, provides all the human circumstances so that with that new personality it can fulfill the spiritual task that must complete.
It continues in the new state until the task finalizes and desencarna definitively.
The being who is lending his body is it leaving in gradual form and the other being is taking the vibrations left in the same measurement in which they are released.
These things happen, normally, when the beings are in unconscious state, when they are in comma state, that is to say, at that moment at that the trasmigración is not observed by no of the actors, nor by those who they surround it. Imaginémonos, to know itself, the problems that east would available carry at human level type.
Although it is certain that this can happen, is not very frequent, therefore we do not have to suppose that whenever somebody enters comma soon and it returns to the normal life is by this mechanism.
Let us think that level of evolution and progress must have these two beings. They are much beyond of the mean level of the humanity.
The being who makes the task incarnates first and begins to live within that task.
The being who is going to lend his body incarnates later, being contemplated that desencarnacion with the necessity of trasmigración of first, so that agrees his this finds a body younger than the anticipated one for a human life allows him to continue with the experience more years than.


Entering greater detail we must clarify than the loosening of the invisible bodies physical, mental and emotional-sensorial, takes place very slowly, as slowly it is disintegrated visible the physical body.
Desencarnacion takes place slowly, that is that the invisible physical bodies slowly leave their instrument.
We have observed that in many religions of east after the fourth day cremates or buries the body; the same some tribes do of America.
This is because according to both traditions, they hope to "that the spirit rises who animates the body", thing that happens after the fourth day.
The aspects of projected mind and soul through the physical body lose expression means and must be becoming aware from this, little by little. Their mind and its soul do not have form to express themselves for that reason it can happen that the being is hopeless in the beginning, for that reason is that the loosening recently to little, giving to the being the opportunity to become aware from his true state
When a physical body is cremated in form immediate to its death, the pain the spirit is very strong, is terrible, because it does not have time to be assimilating the lack of expression means and becoming aware from his spiritual state, and then wants to express itself but it cannot, his instrument no longer exists. It suffers very many and it can be in the long space time before becoming aware from his state, shokeado by that hasty loosening.
That pain is attenuated when the being has an advanced evolutionary point that allows him to become aware fast from its spiritual state.
For that reason, as we do not know the evolutionary point anybody is advisable not to cremate, in which to us it is incumbent to us.


When a being determines in the space all the experiences to make, also the approximate human time is determined that it is going to use for those experiences. Although there is an elasticity as far as the duration of the incarnation, within that elasticity the same one must be fulfilled.
When we interrupted that incarnation voluntarily forcing suicide on to us, as by law we must fulfill the period of incarnation anticipated for that human life, our visible physical body disgrega, coming off same the aspect of human mind and soul.
These invisible physical bodies follow projected the incarnation plane, but they lost expression means. This means that we continued thinking and feeling as if we were incarnated but we cannot express it.
We have a approximate idea as it is the spiritual pain that we felt when we want to express itself and we cannot, but followed yet in contact what it surrounded to us in our human life?
We see the things that happen but we cannot do nothing then we do not have physical body to declare to us. We want to take contact with our dear beings and we cannot. We want to speak to them and we cannot and they not even see us, can have a feeling to us but they cannot take contact with us.
We must add that the same it happens when there are human aspects that they attract to us strongly and that do not allow that we become aware from our spiritual state and we disintegrate our invisible physical bodies.
In order to be able to elevate to us towards the spiritual thing and to become aware from our state, which allows to analyze and to arm our next incarnation us, we must be freed of all the human fastenings.
If strongly we are attracted by material aspects we were suffering in the incarnation plane and we cannot rise. It happens just like when we interrupted our experience forcing suicide on to us. Our suffering is very great, is dolorosísimo.

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