Amanecer Espiritual

First Part - Comments

This knowledge is, in this first part divided in Twelve chapters but we are publishing the first four in order to start receiving your comments and the questions that may arise from it, so knowing that you are interested in continuing to study the subject we will continue publishing the rest of the essay.
You can reach us at:
It is important, of course, that you try to assimilate the concepts explained up to now so that then we will be able to enlarge on them without causing any confusion.
To everyone who agrees with this knowledge I wish an "Spiritual Dawn" to happiness, to understanding, to a new approach to your lives that will make this human experience more fruitful for the spirit and that will help you have a less ardous life in the future, one filled with love and happiness that will allow you to advance in the evolutionary process coming closer to the divinity, which we all must reach in some way.

                A G U S T I N

  - English Site
  - Sitio en Español
  - English/Español
  - The Kirlian Effect
  - The universalism of the Religions
  - Update of concepts in the Catholic Church
  - Science Position about the Tora II
Chapter 1
  - Scientific studies on vibrations
  - Physical Centers and Spiritual Centers
  - Chakras or Plexus
  - Kirlian Camera
Chapter 2
  - Human aspects and Spiritual Aspects
  - Classification of the vibrations
  - Encarnation and death
  - Evolution and Progress
  - Primitive man and Scientific Man
  - Law of Action and Reaction
  - Law of Evolution
Chapter 3
  - Evolution Elliptics
  - Kingdoms of Nature
  - Geological Ages
  - Evolutionary Process
Chapter 4
  - Reincarnation
Chapter 5
  - Selfish Love
  - Tolerance
  - Anger
  - Fanaticism
Chapter 6
  - Jealousy
  - Hatred
  - Pain
  - Critisism
  - Fraternity
Chapter 7
  - Will
  - Free Will
  - Discernmet
  - Spiritual and Human Faith
Chapter 8
  - Spiritual and Human Power
  - Good and Evil
  - Conclusions
Chapter 9
  - Spiritual and Human Trayectory
  - Spiritual Tasks in our world
  - Human Form
  - Elliptical Evolution Process
Chapter 10
  - Prayer
  - Spiritual and Physical Planes
Chapter 11
  - Incarnation
  - Transmigration
  - Cremation
  - Suicide
Chapter 12
  - Astral Plane
First Part - Comments

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