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Classification of Vibrations

Incarnation and Disincarnation

Evolution and Progress

Primitive Man and Scientific Man

Action and Reaction Law

Evolution Law

We continue expanding on the human and spiritual aspects of our lives.
According to what we explained in the first chapter we see that vibrations have two polarities, negative and positive.
This means we can change the polarity of the vibration by using the vibration, through the intention with which we use it, in the same way that physical mediums can change the different kinds of energy using a transducer. Only the active force of the vibration can be changed not is essence that is divine and perfect.
So, to change the polarity of a vibration is to transform it from positive to negative and form negative to positive. When the polarity of the vibration changes, its position before the law changes: the polarity is the position of the vibration according or not with the law, the transformation is the change.
We also talk of "redemption" when a vibration changes its polarity from negative to positive, although a transformation is taking place.
Life is, in essence, spirit and it manifests itself around us in very different ways such as the kingdoms of nature and the human kingdom. Different vibratory qualities and different frequencies.
Stones, plants, animals, celestial bodies, the moon and everything our senses perceive, is life manifested with a determined shape, but life by all means, spiritual and eternal, because vibrations are eternal, they may change their status but they live on.
We have already studied the transformation of vibrations.
Why? Because they are spiritual life born from the divinity that have taken physical form in order to be used in worlds such as our own formed by everything that can be perceived by our senses. Even those things that are invisible but that we can recognize, like our thoughts, our ideas, reactions, feelings are nowadays being investigated by scientists, psychologists and doctors.
Only by watching a flower, its smell, its colours, its shape, shouldn't we recognize the existence of something infinitely superior, able to do what we are not capable of doing?

Man's greatness lies in his recognizing his littleness

What if we penetrate deeper into ourselves, in our mind, in our feelings, our reactions, where would we place, from a material point of view, the origin and reality of them?
Do we think that the laws of physics only act on what can be seen? or do they rule over what cannot be seen, energy for example?
If we have a negative thought, doesn’t it generate another negative aspect that comes back to us, the origin, in equal intensity?
If we have a positive thought doesn't another positive aspect come back to us, the origin, in equal intensity?
Is there not action and reaction? Doesn't everything we emit come back to us?

Laws of Physics

Principle of Action and Reaction - Newton's Third Law

The law of Action and reaction is sometimes stated as "for each action there exists and equal an opposite reaction", or in simpler words: "Each action receives a reaction of equal magnitude and in the opposite direction, towards the origin"

Wouldn't it be fair that we had to go through the experiences that we generate and only the ones that we generate?
Life's essence is spirit and it brings with it all the divine faculties, freedom, will, discernment, power of action, love, humility, etc and must in consequence make experiences in worlds such as our own to be able to develop all those aspects.
How do we live these experiences from a vibratory point of view?
When our spirit needs to live experiences in worlds like ours it must use the kind of matter that exists in that world to be able to experiment. This means that we cannot, with our spiritual part, be in contact with physical aspects because those vibrations are totally different in density and cohesion, so we must use physical vibrations to be in contact with physical things, whether they are visible (human body) or invisible (mind and human soul).
We will name the process of leaving the human aspect "Disincarnation".
When we die, our physical body goes back to its original state, it disintegrates into all of the elements that formed it.
The primary elements; calcium, magnesium, water, oxygen, etc, or in the case of cremation it is transformed into heat energy. Cremation is a subject that deserves punctual treatment that we will get into in Chapter ten.
What happens with the spiritual aspect? It decomposes into its original vibrations.
The invisible physical vibrations that form our human spirit, mind and soul go back to their original planes; the mental aspect to the mental plane and the emotional-sensory aspect to the emotional-sensory plane.
For the time being we will establish that the planes are the places in space where mental and astral vibrations or emotional-sensory vibrations lie.
The spiritual part, the life or spirit that also has a mental spiritual part and an spiritual soul, comes from the Divine source called God, Spiritual Being, Supreme Being, Nature, Creator Mind (according to each interpretation), that is eternal, so it goes back to its spiritual plane.
We call spiritual plane the place in space were all spirits live. In the next chapters we will study the creation and purpose of all the planes.
Every religion accepts as a fact that the spiritual aspect is eternal.
The Catholic Church maintains that the spirit waits for the Judgment Day to sit in God's right side or be sent to the Purgatory or hell. About this subject we include a section with the great Changes that are taking place in the Catholic Church.
We know that if all of us come from this God, Creator, Supreme Being, Nature, etc, we are all brothers and sisters in our creation, so we are brothers and sisters during all our eternal life and also in our human life, so we should learn to behave towards each other as such while we live in our human bodies, where we easily forget this truth.
Our spiritual life is the real life, is indestructible, is eternal. This eternal life we call spirit, like the Catholics and other religions do.
We must discard the idea of death, because it doesn't exist, and we must consider disincarnation as a natural act that our spirit has gone through many times and must continue doing until it has accomplished all the experiences of a physical world such as our own, in which it is necessary to have a human body, that is to say, incarnate to experiment, and then disincarnate to free itself from matter when the ephemeral human life is over.
If our life is so short we can then assume that some of the reactions to our positive or negative actions will reach us in one of our future lives.
We humans call the fact of leaving matter, "death", but this doesn't mean that life stops and we will never cease to live in our spirit, because everything continues living, in another form, or vibratory status, even if we cannot perceive it with our senses.
All the things that happen to us, the condition of humanity , the negative aspects and the positive ones, the painful experiences and the pleasant ones, were generated by our own selves in previous incarnations. Besides the ones generated by our present actions.
This means that in every life we are generating the events that will be the basis of our next experiences. This is ruled by the law of "karma" mentioned so many times in the eastern philosophies; "karma" means work, the overcoming of necessities, redemption of mistakes made.
For those of us that don't have spiritual knowledge, life and death are inscrutable mysteries, so deep that they stir our emotions or terrify us. We must not limit the experience of our life merely to our human existence.
Life is the energy that sustains the infinite and eternal universe and everything that exists, it forms every atom, every molecule, and every cell in the whole universe.
So, up to now we can define two types of life that we have, one superior, spiritual or real life and another life that is formal or apparent, human life.
Our spirit needs a human shape to accomplish its evolution and progress, but we are neither born nor do we die, because our spirit existed before we were born and continues living after we die.
Mineral, vegetables, animals, men, all go through the evolution process that is easy to observe throughout history.
If we analyze the great dinosaurs and present-day animals we see an evolution towards more subtle shapes. If we analyze primitive men and present-day men we can observe the evolution towards something more subtle and more progress in the mental and emotional- sensory aspects.
If we analyze, everything that exists in the universe is ruled by the law of evolution, everything evolves.
What for do we incarnate over and over again?
From what we have studied up to now it can de inferred that for the spiritual aspects that gave origin to us to evolve, at the same time the physical aspects must do the same.
We achieve this evolutionary process in every aspect of our spiritual and human lives through the experiences ruled by the law of experiences.
We will study these concepts in depth in these pages.
If we compare the intelligence and mental capacity of the present man with the intelligence and mental capacity of a primitive man, we must recognize the great difference that exists between them. Each of them is in a different mental point and both points are separated by a great distance...
We cannot suppose that God created a human being with a great intelligence and another completely ignorant, because that would be unfair, impossible in He Who is perfection itself.
If we determine that between those two evolutionary points there are many others, and if we analyze the men that form humanity we can see that there are different levels of intelligence and mental capacity, that are the points that make up the progression that separates the mind of the primitive man from the scientific man.
This means the there are many evolutionary steps between primitive man and the scientific man and it is not a difference from "birth" but a difference in evolution.
We are facing an scale of evolutionary steps in our planet, the mental, astral or emotional-sensory planes and the physical plane include only specific evolutionary steps.
Besides we know that there are different evolutionary points between one spirit that has just been "born" to spiritual life from the Divinity and one that has been experiencing it for millenniums.
The Creative Mind, Divine Being, God, Nature is absolutely Fair and Perfect like all of His creation, so, the difference between them is caused only to the fact that the more intelligent beings are souls that have achieved greater evolutionary progress than the ones of the less intelligent beings. Intelligence has to do with spiritual wisdom that feeds from all the positive experiences, more wisdom implies more intelligence.
This means that the difference between a person of a high moral and intellectual level and a primitive man is due to the fact that the first one is an older spirit, that is to say, the spirit of the wise man was "born" and started its incarnations before. So, today's scientist was, thousands of years ago, a man so primitive as any primitive man today and this primitive man could, thousands of years from now, be a man as intelligent as any scientist today.
Each one, from the most primitive man to the wisest man, is spiritually in a different step of progress or evolution, because each one is in the "step" achieved through the effort to advance he has made throughout time.
Human life is very short; the spiritual progress each person shows, be it little or much, has been achieved through reiterated human lives lived by the spirit, in other words, through a lot of successive incarnations ruled by the law of experiences.
Each of these human lives, or incarnations, has made the spirit progress, always according to the effort it has made during the time it spent on the world.
We must mention now that evolutionary progress is brought about by trying to eliminate from our life all the negative reactions such as, jealousy, envy, resentment, anger, vanity, selfishness, fanatism and the rest of the attitudes, and at the same time enhancing our virtues, faith, humility, charity, fraternity, love, tolerance, developing the aspects of will and freedom that are born with every being. Achieving this we will attain great progress in our present experience.

Make a diamond out of your soul, each blow a new facet, so that on day it ill all be luminous

Our will must prevail so that we do not engage in negative thoughts, feelings or deeds and our freedom (free will) allows us to discern between good or bad, we must listen more to our conscience.
Someone that has caused pain to another must go through an equal amount of pain in this life or in another. Someone that, having the chance to alleviate pain, chose not to do it, must experience the same pain he or she failed to alleviate because of lack of love.
On the other hand, someone who has acted well, alleviating pain or misery in others, when in a new human life he or she must go through the experience of poverty, will find people to help him lovingly, in other words, the person will receive in response the same love that he gave before.
In the spiritual field the law of action and reaction is also valid, called the law of cause and effect; to every spiritual cause there is an spiritual effect of equal intensity. If we generate a positive action we will receive as a response another positive action of the same intensity, and if it is negative the response will be negative. We can see that every law that we know from a human point of view has its spiritual counterpart that is in reality the original, the one that generated the human one.
As soon as it is "born" the spirit is under the influence of the spiritual laws.
Temptation appears in very different shapes: the spirits that incarnate as beautiful, healthy, rich persons must overcome the temptations of pride, vanity, ambition. Those who incarnate as poor, sick or deformed people must overcome the temptation of envy, jealousy, rebellion, both must overcome self-love (conceit) and selfishness.
The different aspects to overcome are manifested according to the experience that we must live: for example, someone that lives as an actor must pass the test of vanity, someone who lives as a salesman will suffer ambition for money, the scientist will crave glory and the politician power. If we analyze all these different aspects, we will find that they are in fact self-love, because this is the force that drives and feeds us.
This experiences, sadly, turn out negative, because we use all the aspects of glory, money, power, etc to our own benefit and we subdue others using these to serve ourselves.
We can understand now why is it that we need to live so many different experiences and why we must incarnate so many times in this world so as to be able to overcome all the different forms of self-love.
Self-love manifests itself as vanity, pride, selfishness, jealousy, envy, hate, resentment, and as our spirit needs to master it in every shape it could assume, logically we must incarnate repeatedly, to experiment and overcome all these temptations, to be able to progress.
As we said previously, progress means developing our will, that responds to a body of will and in its turn a plane of will, in the same way that the mind and the soul respond to the mental body and the emotional-sensory body.
When the experiences we go through in earth, overcoming all human obstacles and temptations are incorporated to our spiritual mind they give us wisdom.
Once we have achieved a certain level of evolution we become an evolved spirit that does not need to incarnate again in this world, but, because of the evolution achieved we feel great and intense love for everyone , this love we feel for the other spirits that are still taking their "tests" and experiencing on Earth causes us to incarnate again to help them with our wisdom to obtain their progress, to reach men with out words, deeds and example, teachings that help them overcome human temptations and not be delayed in their progress.
The evolved spirits that come to Earth to work, helping others to advance, also obtain progress for themselves, because the Divinity gives to each being as much good as the spirit has done; the law of cause and effect.
We can name as evolved beings those that participated in the Renaissance, that gave impulse to the arts and Sciences.
Nowadays, a greater level of evolution is manifested in gifted kids that are incarnating in great numbers, their appearance has originated specialized schools and many more examples.
We will study in depth the philosophical aspects of some of the very evolved beings that incarnate only to complete tasks of love, or messianic tasks such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Zoroaster, Krishna, so that we can appreciate that concepts are very similar to our own spiritual principles.
****See Article "Universality of Religions".
The mind, or in other words, our ability to think, comprehend, learn and discern, the will that determines our deeds, our free will to choose between positive and negative based on our conscience of good and evil, and the ability to love, are all faculties that we have received from God and that help a great deal in our permanent efforts to achieve perfection.
Those spiritual faculties must only be used for good, nevertheless, frequently we use them against ourselves, even if we think otherwise at the moment. This is because we silence our spiritual conscience, we try not to listen to it, because many times it condemns our actions.

Conscience is the presence of God in man.

Conscience is the voice of the soul, passions are the voice of the body

For example: when a man uses his mind to invent a destructive weapon, even if that invention allows him to make great material profit, he has not used his mind to benefit himself, as he doubtlessly assumes, on the contrary he has harmed himself, because he has strayed from the path of good that our spirit must always follow.
He has used a positive vibration such as mental capacity, human wisdom, to create something negative, he has transformed the vibration, he has changed its polarity and generated as a result a debt with the law of love, with his necessity of evolution and improvement, with his spirit and must pay it by making repeated human experiences so as to learn that the mental abilities must be used exclusively for good.
Bearing in mind that the true homeland of our spirit is space, where it lives in freedom, we will recognize that living on Earth, using a physical body, is a great sacrifice that, nevertheless, we need to make without exception to be able to learn to live in the path of good and love under any circumstances. The sooner our spirit learns its lesson of good and love, the sooner it will be done with its improvement work bounded to a physical body.
What happens with the mind happens with the spiritual faculty to love that God has given us.
If instead of loving others, we love only ourselves, by reversing this feeling that generates peace, understanding and harmony, we transform it in self-love that generates ambition, hate, resentment and wars.
We should never forget that everything we receive from God, such as, spiritual or material goods, must always be used for good. We must consider ourselves administrators of those goods and use them to benefit the greater possible number of beings, remembering that in the great human family we all are, and must feel, like bothers and sisters and, as a result, we must all love and help each other.
We must impregnate our life with the brotherhood that belongs to us through our transcendent spiritual aspect, originitated in the unique source that is God.
We must make perfectly clear that is absolutely legal to try to progress economically and socially in the human sense as long as this progress is used to the benefit of others.
Also the political aspects are important to work for our peers.
Besides, it is a reflex of the spiritual necessity of progress that drives us since "birth", in other words, the impulse to attain human progress is related to the impulse to pursue spiritual progress.
Even if it is very difficult to love everybody in the same way, we must start by loving those around us, not only family, but all the people that in one way or another interact with us. This is a very important step to practice love to our fellows and live like the brothers we were in our origins.
Up to now we have mentioned some spiritual laws, Law of evolution, law of experience, law of cause and effect, law of karma and law of love, that we will study and understand throughout these pages.
It is totally logical to think that if human life has its laws and we acknowledge that we must live according to them; spiritual life also has its laws and we must acknowledge that living abiding by them is the means to achieve peace, harmony, fraternity and love and so to attain progress and spiritual evolution that will bring us closer to Divinity.
Life, in us and everything that surrounds us, manifests its perfection all the time, and by that "perfection" we mean the effect of the spiritual laws that rule the atom as well as the whole universe.

Now we will study the law of Evolution
Everything in the universe is in a constant process of evolution; in everything that exists a progressive change is taking place, so nothing in the whole universe stays static. Since evolution is something that happens everywhere in the universe, it means that evolution is a Divine law, universal and everything that lives is ruled by it.

The Greek philosopher Anaximander (611 - 547 B.C) and the roman Lucrecius (99-55 B.C) were the ones to establish the concept that all living things are related to each other and that they changed with time. Science in their times was based primarily in observation and, its similarity with the present concept of evolution is surprising. Another greek philosopher, Aristotle developed his Scala Naturae or Scale of Nature, to explain his concept of the advancement of living things from the inanimate to plants, then animals and finally man. This concept of man as the "summit of Creation" still exists in the opinion of many evolutionist modern biologists.

Al the laws that rule the Universe, in other words, all the divine laws, always act in a positive direction; so evolution, or the change that every thing goes through by the action of the Divine law, is a positive change, one that means progress.
As a consequence, everything that exists evolves to progress, to perfect itself.
Our world like any other in the universe, our human kind and everything that exists in the planet, have, logically the need to progress and perfect themselves and, as a result, live in constant evolution, a process that provides them with the progress that they seek.
We can verify how much we have evolved and progressed since our life on earth started. Everything has been little by little evolving and progressing, our body, our soul and our mind. This evolutionary progress has determined new ways to live our lives, newer and better aspirations and habits and more advanced ideas.
Throughout the millenniums, all of this has been making up the different civilizations that developed in different places on earth, bringing progressively social, artistic and scientific achievements that human kind now enjoys.


by John Eccles, Medicine Nobel Prize Winner

«I am specially preoccupied by the penetrating materialism of our times, that is based in a wrong interpretation of the world view that science provides us with. The belief that the theory biological evolution is a complete explanation of our origins and that it has for ever rebutted the theory of a Divine Creator is widely spread. Of course the biblical story does not pretend to explain, scientifically the origin of the cosmos through the big bang and the following cosmic evolution of the galaxies, solar systems and planets. But the origin of life in our planet, graced with the appearance of the dramatic creativity of biological evolution, is still more amazing.
Can we ask ourselves if there has been a certain design or intention in that evolution? We should remember that, in a mysterious way, each one of us, as beings with a unique conscious experience, have been able to come into existence through biological evolution that has caused out bodies and brains to develop and exist.
I believe that there is a Divine Providence that operates over and above the material events of the biological evolution. We must not dogmatically affirm that biological evolution in its present form is the ultimate truth. We should believe that it is the principal history an that, in quite a mysterious way, there is a direction that leads the evolutionary chain of contingencies. We can assume that superior animals posses some kind of consciousness, even though this has not yet been proven by biological evolution. Besides it can be assumed that in the phylogenetic process of hominid evolution there have been transitions from conscious animals to auto conscious human beings, as it ontogenetically happens with the human baby that transforms into a human child and then and adult human person, this however is a miracle that is beyond scientific explanation.
Contemporary philosophy overlooks the problems of unique character problems that each "ego" experiences. This is due to the influence of materialism, that is blind to the fundamental problems that arise from spiritual experience.
The most extraordinary event in the world of our experience is that each one of us appears as a unique auto conscious being. It is a miracle that is always beyond science. A frequent and superficially plausible answer to these enigma is the statement that implies that determining facto is the uniqueness if the experiences accumulated by the "ego" during its life. It is easily accepted that our behavior and memory, and in fact all the content of our conscious internal life, depend on the experiences accumulated during our lives; but as extreme as the change brought about by circumstances in any particular decision could be, one could still be the same "ego", able to look back in his own continuity of memories up to the earliest recollections, that appear around the age of one year, the same "ego" with a different appearance. There can be no elimination of the "ego" and creation of a new "ego".
Seeing that the materialist solutions fail when trying to account for our experienced uniqueness, I must attribute this uniqueness of the phyque or soul to a spiritual supernatural creation. To give the explanation in theological terms: Each soul is a new divine creation. It is the certainty of the internal focus of the unique individuality that demands the "divine creation". I allow myself to say that there is not another likely explanation, neither the genetic unicity with its fantastically impossible lottery nor the environmental differences that do not determine the unicity of each of us but only modify it. This conclusion has an inestimable theological meaning. It strongly reinforces our belief in the human soul and its prodigious origin through Divine Creation. It recognizes no only the transcendental God, Creator of the Cosmos, the God Einstein believed in, but also the loving God to whom we owe our existence.

John Eccles, Medicine Nobel Prize

In the planet all things must evolve and progress together. So that their evolution and progress happen in harmony and in beneficial way to all of the members, in other words the mineral, vegetal, animal and human kingdoms, when something is delayed it clashes with all the rest, so it is necessary to accelerate the rhythm of its progress, so that it can reach the same level of progress achieved by the rest. As the aspect of life that is making experiences in the minerals, vegetables and animals, have not yet developed their individuality and free will, they cannot make mistakes, so the only factor of delayed evolution belongs to human beings.
The human kind is delayed because of its slow moral progress, so it is not in harmony no only with the other kingdoms but also with its own mental aspect, with its intelligence, with the universal harmony. Due to lack of effort our soul has not yet attained the necessary purity to allow scientific progress to be a safe basis for a new and marvelous stage in civilization, so it needs to accelerate its moral progress. We are not yet able to use the discoveries that await us in the near future that will be of happiness, harmony in this extraordinary universe.
The goal our soul strives for is perfection, and each human life must provide us with enough improvement to allow us to reach a higher step in the path towards Him who is Perfection.
We say then that we have an eternal spirit that is born from God and that evolves and progresses so as to be able to return to Divinity that created him. This eternal spirit has a spiritual mind, a spiritual soul and a spiritual conscience (the conscience of good and evil) and in the moment it incarnates, the spirit generates a human spirit that has a human mind, a human soul and a human conscience that are the physical invisible aspects that each of the related spiritual aspects take to be able to manifest themselves in world such as our own.

"The notions of good and evil are innate to the human soul"

All the improvements that we achieve while we make this experience in this planet, repeatedly mentioned before, are the ones that will constitute the progress of that eternal spirit and its wisdom, and all that will be incorporated to its spiritual conscience of good and evil that will allow it to exercise with certainty its free will.

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