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Astral Plane

Astral Plane

We will extend the knowledge on the astral Plane.
We now know until that in the astral plane are the denominated spiritual projections, "embryos" that make experiences in minerals and vegetables, "semiconscience" that make experiences in the kingdom animal and "total conscience" that make experiences in the human kingdom.
There is a great vibratory difference between these aspects in which it makes to its evolution and progress, in waking up of its different faculties and spiritual powers. Also there are a remarkable difference in the vibratory frequency of the different states, but the subtle ones like being the state of "embryo" and the dense state but like being the one of "total conscience". Also there is between a primitive being and an evolved being, between a being with a life within the laws and a being whom all type of transgressions to the law has committed. When we spoke of a primitive being we referred beings of first incarnations.
Each one of these vibratory differences must locate to the beings in different points within the astral plane not to hit between if, therefore they are in same the several sub-planes.
The first sub-plane of the astral plane is closest to the physical plane in where are the beings who have a fort attachment to the material aspects of their earth life like being, fortune, glory, power, wealth and in addition the suicidal ones by not to have concluded with the human term of their experience and to follow with their invisible physical bodies. In this sub-plane, as still they could not come off itself his bodies mental human and emotional-sensorial human (soul or astral body) continues thinking and feeling without being able to express itself not to count on the physical body. Despite the purely physical anxieties do not exist here, for example of hunger and thirst; but the desire of the glutton to satisfy his to paladar and the desire of the alcoholic one to feel the sensation produced by the alcohol, being both pertaining ones to the emotional-sensorial aspect, still persist. This can be cause of intense suffering since they do not have physical body whose means can solely satisfy such desires.
All these beings who are in this first sub-plane when being located in form immediate to the physical plane can influence in beings located in the physical plane, he is to say fleshes, and that they vibrate in affinity.
An alcoholic consuetudinario will try to influence so that another incarnated being permanently embriague and through him to be able to feel some type of sensation that mitigated its urgent necessity. It must notice that so that this happens the incarnated being it must be in vibratory affinity with this vice.
At the moment of the state of ebriedad of an incarnated being the one that is in the astral one puts in contact through its emotional-sensorial body which it has still not come off with the emotional-sensorial one this being and through him it can perceive the scent to the alcohol, to experience the taste and other sensations that wish.
A being therefore will be in the lowest part of the astral plane and the sensations obtained by the single mechanism before mentioned serve to excite plus their desires and to take it frenzy on the brink of madness.
Nor we think about the suffering of a being whom it perceives that they are seizing of his wealth, their power, whatever had and it cannot make nothing to prevent it.
Of the vices like the cigarette, the drug, the game and everything what it constitutes an addiction.
The being will continue suffering deeply until as much becomes aware from his spiritual state and can come off itself his invisible physical bodies, human mind and soul.
This suffering is not really the fire of purgatorio mentioned by all the religions?
These torturantes conditions you decipher are not purgatorio?
These conditions can be prolonged during long time because they vanish very gradually; it costs to him much to the being to be becoming aware from his state.
The second sub-plane of the astral plane is occupied by beings with kármicas debts that slow down the loosening but that it does not impel them to influence, to subjugate or to obsesar to an incarnated being. They take in becoming aware true from its spiritual state but they take ahead the process little by little to eliminate the invisible physical bodies and at the same time to incorporate to its spiritual bodies the positive experiences made and the contracted debts.
The beings located in the first sub-plane, once obtained the true conscience of their state spiritual and therefore surpassed their addictions happen to the second sub-plane where they begin his gradual process of loosening.
Once managed in this second sub-plane to come off itself the invisible physical bodies, human mind and soul, and incorporated to his spiritual bodies, spiritual mind and soul, they happen to the third sub-plane of the astral plane.
We must notice that they change of sub-plane because changes its vibratory state substantially. What locates to the beings in the different sub-planes is its vibratory state.
In this third sub-plane of the astral plane, released already of all physical influence they make a process of analysis of the made human experience and prepare its next incarnation where they will have to continue developing to its faculties and spiritual powers and surpassing the negative human aspects that not yet managed to surpass. We do not forget that the overcomings as much as the debts contracted in their terrenal life are recorded in their bodies spiritual and therefore susceptible to be analyzed.
If from the analysis it arises that that being has finished with all the experiences and overcomings that have come to make incorporates the experiences to its conscience of good and badly, the power of action obtained to its spiritual mind and the sensations to its spiritual soul and retrotrae to its spirit, "total conscience" that is in the spiritual plane that corresponds to him according to its evolutionary point. As the incorporation of the aspects mentioned to its spiritual part can make elevate its evolutionary point is probable that it is located in a new agreed spiritual plane with the reached point.
Let us return to review: our spirit makes a projection to the astral plane of the world in where he will make his experiences and this projection follows bound to the spirit who dwells in the spiritual plane that corresponds to him according to its evolutionary point.
The "semi-conscience" once finished to the experience in the kingdom animal is come off the physical aspect automatically then do not generate no type of attachment with those aspects then still do not become aware total of their existence like individuals, and they are located in the fourth sub-plane of the astral plane from where they will return to take contact with the physical aspect that corresponds to them by evolution law.
The "embryos" once finished the experience in the vegetal or mineral kingdom retrotraen themselves to the fifth sub-plane of the astral plane from where they will return to experiment in the physical aspect that corresponds by evolution law. Let us remember that these "spiritual embryos" do not take direct bonding with the vegetal forms and mineral therefore does not exist any type of attachment. Their experiences are of sensations.
In the sixth sub-plane of the astral plane the spiritual projections of the beings very evolved are located who incarnate in a world like the our single one by love task, of aid to the humanities, because by his evolutionary point they already do not need to make world experiences of pain like ours. From they prepare each one of the incarnations there that must include their spiritual task. Once finished to its task of love retrotrae to its spirit who dwells in the spiritual plane that corresponds to him by its high evolutionary point.
In the seventh sub-plane the projections of the spirits are located who are in divine planes is to say "divinizados" that also they incarnate only by spiritual task of love towards the humanities and in most of the times they are "messianic" tasks. They make the same process that the beings very evolved.
7mo.SUB-PLANO Divinizados Beings with Messianic Tasks of Love and/or.
6to.SUB-PLANO Beings Very Evolved with Tasks of Love
5to.SUB-PLANO "Embryos" Experiences in the Vegetal and Mineral Kingdom
4to.SUB-PLANO "Semi-conscience" Experiences in the Kingdom Animal
E'r.SUB-PLANO "Total Conscience" Analysis and Process Next Incarnation
2do.SUB-PLANO "Total Conscience" Slow Process of Loosening
1er.SUB-PLANO "Total Conscience" Addictions Obsession - Suicide
Also one is in this flat astral substance from a subtility determined to a certain density and that responds to all the necessities of sensations and emotions of the beings that must form their astral body or soul when incarnating and that they must take contact with the medio.ambiente and perceive so much the sensations as the emotions of the physical plane. It has innumeras vibratory frequencies that include from the subtler emotional-sensorial aspects to densest. It allows us to elevate to us before an art expression, of the nature, like arriving at a very deep state of wrath.
This substance surrounds and penetrates the physical body conforming the call "astral body" that expands beyond the contour of the physical body.
In a being I lack of evolution and progress, for example a being of first incarnations, the astral body is a mass of cloudy astral matter and vaguely delineated in which the substances of the lowest degrees predominate being able this way to respond to the stimulus of passions and appetites. A little beyond the physical body extends in all directions.
In a being of medium moral and intellectuality with a determined spiritual progress its astral body is conformed by subtler astral matter and better balanced. The substances of the subtlest degrees predominate in her and gives to certain luminosity to the surroundings of the physical body and a more noticeable and precise delineation.
In a developed being spiritually its astral body is formed by the subtlest astral matter with astral substance of the highest degrees, standing out a strong luminosity in its surroundings. One extends much beyond of the physical body that the other cases.
The colors of the astral matter have to do with the component substance that it is in direct relation with the degree of spiritual development of the being.
Thus, it begins by coarse colors and blurred in people little developed and it is become more luminous and defined as the being is developed emotional, mental and spiritually.
The same "astral" word comes from the medieval alchemists and it assumes that they alluded to to the luminosity of the astral matter then his meaning is "stellar"
The luminosity and coloratura have to also do in direct form with the degree of the feelings and developed emotions and with the temperament of the being: philosophical, artistic or scientific, pragmatic or mystical devocional or. Each one of the changes produced in the being affects this luminosity and coloratura consequently.
This astral body is what we have listened to denominate like "dawn" and that certain people with a determined sensitive development can see around our body. See Note "The Kirlian Effect".

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