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"I want to pour in these pages all the knowledge that I have came across throughout my life. It is with my own words and after meditating and assimilating it that I would like to try to answer many of the questions you may have, questions that I myself had. I am absolutely convinced that by trying to apply the concepts that are transmitted here our human life is changed completely. That is to say, even though we may have to go through very difficult times we will face those, from an emotional point of view, in a different way, that will allow us to bear them without feeling heartbroken, depressed, rebelious, even though we cannot avoid the pain it may cause us.
It is a characteristic of the experience we have to live through that our emotional aspects should be alive, but we must not allow them to drive our actions, we must feel them but control them, at least in this first step of our experience.
Little by little we have to try to rid our lives of every negative reaction, such as, jelousy, envy, spite, rage, lack of humility, selfishness, fanatism and other actitudes, and at the same time enhace our virtues, faith, humility, charity, brotherhood, love and tolerance. Achieving this we will be making great advancement in our present experience.
We will obtain the spiritual knowledge that will allow us to analize what happens around us and in consequence react in a very different way besides having answers for all our questions.
This is a compilation of knowledge that does not have a sole author or text, it is the knowledge I gathered through my own experience."


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  - English/Español
  - The Kirlian Effect
  - The universalism of the Religions
  - Update of concepts in the Catholic Church
  - Science Position about the Tora II
Chapter 1
  - Scientific studies on vibrations
  - Physical Centers and Spiritual Centers
  - Chakras or Plexus
  - Kirlian Camera
Chapter 2
  - Human aspects and Spiritual Aspects
  - Classification of the vibrations
  - Encarnation and death
  - Evolution and Progress
  - Primitive man and Scientific Man
  - Law of Action and Reaction
  - Law of Evolution
Chapter 3
  - Evolution Elliptics
  - Kingdoms of Nature
  - Geological Ages
  - Evolutionary Process
Chapter 4
  - Reincarnation
Chapter 5
  - Selfish Love
  - Tolerance
  - Anger
  - Fanaticism
Chapter 6
  - Jealousy
  - Hatred
  - Pain
  - Critisism
  - Fraternity
Chapter 7
  - Will
  - Free Will
  - Discernmet
  - Spiritual and Human Faith
Chapter 8
  - Spiritual and Human Power
  - Good and Evil
  - Conclusions
Chapter 9
  - Spiritual and Human Trayectory
  - Spiritual Tasks in our world
  - Human Form
  - Elliptical Evolution Process
Chapter 10
  - Prayer
  - Spiritual and Physical Planes
Chapter 11
  - Incarnation
  - Transmigration
  - Cremation
  - Suicide
Chapter 12
  - Astral Plane
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