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Spiritual and Human Power

Good and Evil


Spiritual and Human Power

The spiritual power is that that we are developing and increasing during all our evolutionary trajectory by the conducted battles of or and that "Force of Action" means in fact, to act in love fraterno, to go in aid towards other spirits, fleshes or no, that need our guide, our aid, the projection of our vibrations that will approach that being responding to their true necessities.
In the experiences made in our elliptical evolutionary one we are taking contact and working with innumerable vibrations, learning to handle those vibrations, and that is what conforms our power of action, that is to say, the power to handle and to work with innumeras vibrations, to identify itself with those vibrations.
We do not forget that we have happened through experiences equal or equivalent to which passes our brothers, and that enables to help us them, since we know the vibrations that compose the circumstances through which they are happening.
That spiritual force is increased in such a way that arrival the stage of "divinización" and reached certain evolutionary point is transformed into being able universal, is to say that we can act mainly the universe spiritually.
He pronounces himself in the human like all spiritual aspect, but we that power of good transformed it personal force, our right to command, and demanded that he is recognized to us, however to use it to protect and to guide positively.
He is I bid to get to have to be able human in the society whenever the same one is used for the well-being and the progress of those who are under our influence.
Due to the mistaken concept that we have, the power has become goal of ambitions, sojuzgamiento, of slavery, and the fight to obtain it brought treasons, crimes, wars, tyrannies to us. We have tried to perpetuate in the power being suppressed the most elementary rights to us of the human being, we have used the lowest resources.
We got to believe owners to us and gentlemen of everything when in fact we are not more than enslaved of the obtained power, that annuls all the good one and beautiful of the life and it makes us fear to fall of our pedestal, it makes us feel distrust of everything and all, with a total imbalance of our emotions.
The power means a great responsibility and single fraterno must be exerted when we are safe of our ethical conditions, moral and spiritual, that allow us to use it single for the good, single in love.

"Any power, if it is not based on the union, is weak.".

Who we are On guard of being able, chosen by our brothers, we must think that it does not mean to acquire rights on anything, but the responsibility to administer with absolute honesty and justice the material and moral goods of those who have deposited in us their faith.
We must respond with that same honesty and justice in all you order them of our life, because that surrounds to us as well they have put the faith in us.
The lack of true spiritual norms causes that we interpret bad the concept of the power and we use it for in fact single personal benefit when is the responsibility to act in benefit of the others.
We must meditate that the human power is a reflection of the spiritual power, therefore acts with all the force of our evolution, as much in or as in evil, therefore the benefit or the kármica debt will be agreed to that force, to that evolutionary point.
Once again, we must act in our life with the ethical, moral and spiritual concepts that our conscience dictates to us truely when we really listened to, when we did not drown it with our vanity, our pride, with our pride, concepts overturned permanently in these pages.
We have seen that to greater evolutionary point (greater evolution and progress), there is a greater responsibility, like therefore a greater force of action. This means that both things are bound automatically, therefore cannot be exerted the power but it is with responsibility. We commit a serious error when using the human, reflected power of the spiritual power, in own benefit.

Good and Evil

Or we know that everything exists inasmuch as, absolutely everything has been created by God, only source of life that creates single in or, because its action is love and justice.
Then it exists Evil? If it has not been created like it is that it exists?
If we went back to all the studied one we see that we can act Evil or or, in use of our will and frees will, then evil are the positive vibrations, transformed, changed its vibratory tonic of positive to negative, by we ourself, ours to drive.
Example more easy to see is transformation of love to everything and to all that it is in us from our spiritual birth, in pride, source of negative vibrations as they are it the jealousy, envies it, the pride, the vanity, the fanaticism, hatred, the excessive ambition, etc.
From millenia we come transforming the true love into pride generating intense negative vibrations that influencing in our mind and our soul generate thoughts, negative feelings and facts that single they manage to separate to us of our brothers.
By affinity law those vibrations attract as well negative vibrations of other minds and other human souls and of beings who are in the space, reinforcing the negative vibrations of our mind and our soul.
We must have the security that single is attracted by vibratory affinity, therefore, no negative vibration will influence in us if our mind and our soul are in positive, is no vibratory affinity where to lean.
This is easy to explain, the negative vibrations have different vibratory frequency that the positive ones by as much never can lean, be added or influence one another one.
It is evident that in our planet the negative pressure has been very intense due to the enormous negative force attracted and conformed by us for millenia, for that reason we return to comprise of this humanity, although with a greater evolutionary point and more obtained accomplishments, to help to revert that vibratory climate that somehow we have helped to form.
As by evolution law spirits of greater evolutionary point incarnate progressively, the present spiritual force and of the future, together with the spiritual revelations that we have begun to receive everywhere from the world, causes that it is prioritizing the human will to the service of the good, rejecting and eliminating the negative influence. This allows to obtain the ethical and moral climate that causes the harmonic coexistence and that the accomplishments arrive from universal love like answer at our actions of good.
When we say Spiritual Revelations, we did not only talk about these pages, but to all the spiritual one that it is descending to our planet and is declaring through multiple schools that have been appearing, to the evident waked up spiritual restlessness in the humanity.
This we can see it reflected in all mass media and expressed through diverse forms of the art. There is an evident height of the spiritual subjects.
The important thing is to follow a way spiritual, whichever it is, whenever it feels that "it is our spiritual way", because does not concern the form in which we approach the divinity, but that we begin the sooner our internal changes that are reflected in our evolution and progress and allow us to work in good of the humanity that we integrated.
Acting negatively during millenia has caused that were satisfied in the space negative accumulations that soon influence strongly the humanity, which they have been formed by accumulation of negative vibrations that, by vibratory affinity, are united and they are reinforced to each other.
If we continued acting those accumulations negatively are fed on our negative projection and they are fortified increasing the incidence which becomes I circulate vicious.
For that reason it is so important that we learn all to always positively act, since the positive vibrations form accumulations in the space, but beneficial accumulations.
As the positive accumulations are occupying a greater place in the space will evacuate to the negative accumulations, but without fight, single by imposition of its vibratory quality, its spiritual hierarchy.
As example to be able to include/understand as it is east process we see that it happens when in the absolute dark we ignite a lantern; the dark dissipates without no type of manifestation, estridencias, without sound, thus is approximately in the space.


Everything what exists is emanated life of the Divinity, of the Creator, in different manifestations, different vibratory frequencies, different evolutionary points, different densities, different states (spiritual or physical), in different qualities, but everything is LIFE.
It is essential to have well in clear the up to here overturned concepts, otherwise to continue advancing could bring confusion instead of elucidation. I suggest try to reread it, to deepen it and to be trying to apply it in the daily life.
If these concepts single are intelectualizan they will have fulfilled its assignment, that is to prohang to the fundamental changes of our life.
From the scientific point of view everything is vibration, everything is made up of atoms and molecules that never let vibrate. Everything vibrates and vibrates in positive because thus it has been created.
We have the free will and the will that allow us to transform our vibrations to negative, but that transformation does not change positive the divine essence of our spirit, but who becomes the action of those vibrations.
This means that our essence does not change, which changes is our "position" before the law, it is to say the location with which we acted. That position, when we transformed the vibration, instead of being harmonic with the law is opposed the law, is negative.
As well as it does not change our essence either changes our evolutionary point, therefore we acted with the same power in negative that in positive.
Single we can transform the vibrations of our aspect of accomplishment, is to say that we can make so much in negative as in positive, but never we can change the vibratory tonic of our essence that is always positive, because she is emanated of the divinity.
As all the vibrations have his orbits of attraction and irradiation, when we transformed our vibration we attract towards us to those who, within our operational range are vibrating in affinity.
When we acted frequently in positive we attract from our surroundings all that that vibrates positively. When we acted negatively we attract which vibrates in negative. All this by affinity law.
The vibrations of different vibratory frequency cannot be attracted, by as much the positive cannot attract the negative vice versa and, by lack of affinity.
When being located in different frequencies they cannot be joined, however being in the same frequency they are located in the same vibratory space.
Here we must clarify that when beginning a spiritual way our vibrations are changing, we are radiating our light, the light of the obtained spiritual conscience, and that attracts the beings unconsciously, that is that we can observe, for example, that begins to acercársenos needed beings, linyeras, drunk, people common that they ask for our aid for some thing, and in the places who we concurred, a business, a station on watch, etc., when we arrived is little people or no and to the few minutes is full of people. This is what we denominated vibratory attraction. All being looks for in unconscious form the spiritual light that helps him in its experiences.
Let us try to make an observation on this and will see that as we incorporate to our life the spiritual principles that we sustained this will be showing then our spiritual light will be greater.
In our plane the negative forces still predominate that, logically, bother and try to harm to who acts positively, but this is always within the laws, that allow such disadvantages when they serve to provide to that are attacked the opportunity to be purified, to surpass the tests, but that being is attacked, harmed or bothered when he vibrates in affinity with those forces; "nothing never arrives at a being that does not correspond to him".
When more express we manage to make our overcomings, faster we will be able to make task spiritual, to help the humanity.
The negative actions when using them the law transform into positive when serving as experience other beings.
No matter how hard we insist on doing evil to a resemblance, this it will receive it if by law it corresponds to him like answer to his own action, but really like a good, like an overcoming opportunity.
We do not have to forget that evil one becomes for those who we emitted it in kármica debt, acts or not in the other being, it arrives or not at destiny.
As we see everything is relative and the divine laws never allow evil but only or, but it is necessary to become aware true spiritual to be able to find or under any appearance, even before the most painful circumstances.
Before continuing with deeper subjects, we must be consustanciados with all the concepts spilled until this moment, must try to incorporate them to our daily life and deepen them.
Let us remember that this reading does not have any intelectualiza single utility if, must be assimilated and be gotten up to our thoughts, feelings and actions.

God - > Divine Seed - > Densificadora Stage 
(Embryos and Semi-conscience) - > Beginning Human Experience (Total 
Point of Conscience) - > Sutilizadora Stage - > Divinizado Spirit

Entiéndase by Divinizado Spirit that that has arrived again after one long elliptical at the spiritual planes in the Divinity with all its developed faculties and powers.

Divine Seed - > Spiritual Mind - Spiritual Soul - 
Spiritual Will.Human Mind - Human Soul - Human Will.Man (Fisico Body)

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Vibrations of experiences.2) Spiritual Mind - > Mental Aspect 
- > Divine Essence.3) Human Soul - > Sensorial Emotional Body 
- > Flat Astral.4) Human Mind - > Mental Body - > Flat Mental.

Let us observe that in the spiritual soul the emotional one does not exist to be an own aspect of our physical plane, single the sensations exist that are accumulated in the different experiences made in the elliptical densificadora and sutilizadora.

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