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Evolutionary Process

Matter is the instrument our spirit needs to be able to make experiences in the physical plane, instrument through which the spiritual aspects that make it up, soul, body and mind manifest themselves; so the better the condition of the instrument the easier it is for the spirit to use it and the better the improvement we can achieve through it, because the spiritual manifestation finds less resistance.
We should take care of our substance through the way we eat and our hygiene, not only physical but mental and emotional as well, because all our emotions and thoughts get reflected in our physical substance.
Matter is intimately related to our mind and our soul, and the extremely subtle network of threads of our nervous system is the medium through which positive or negative vibrations can penetrate our mind, soul and physical body.

"Life is only bearable when body and soul live in perfect harmony, a natural balance exists between them and they respect each other"

Mind, soul and matter are united through our nervous system, that is in turn united to another invisible system, that is so real as our physical body. It is a system of "centers" that humans possess, we cannot see them, but their action is "felt" perfectly by human matter. See First Chapter.
Even if our nervous system receives the vibrations, these are not "dumped" straight on it but in specific spiritual "centers", that, as we previously said, are intimately bounded to our nervous centers. This spiritual centers are the link between vibrations and our physical part; they are the adapters of their frequency and intensity.
We have spiritual centers in our head, heart, spine and many vital parts of our body, these centers are in touch with the nervous centers, to whom they transmit the vibrations received, producing reactions that are apparently physical, even when they have a purely spiritual cause.
Through these "centers" we receive spiritual vibrations according to the law of evolution, vibrations that act upon matter, which must evolve, becoming subtler every time, until it becomes totally subtle, which means that it has evolved and progressed in such a way that it is ready to experience more subtle planes, more elevated, away from this plane of more dense shapes.
As men we have become perfect but we must continue evolving and advancing in the way to perfection, that evolutionary improvement transforms us until the matter that forms us is so subtle that it stops being physical matter, visible or invisible, to become a subtle vibration.
During the evolutionary or improvement process of matter it becomes subtler until it becomes "divine". This means that absolutely everything becomes spiritual and matter, the physical stuff, is only a form, a condition of the spirit, a defined form of the spiritual vibration and the most dense of all its manifested forms.
We can define that when the "divine seed" is born it is extremely subtle, without shape, it is only mental vibration and it gets denser until it reaches the planes where it manifests itself in multiple vibrations and then it starts to become subtler until it becomes divine, that is to say, it returns to the Divinity from whom it emanated as the same mental vibration.
This evolutionary process creates the evolutionary elliptic that is the path the being must follow.
The matter that conforms our physical body is, in itself, a set of different vibrations, harmonized so as to constitute a shape.
We have seen that there are different evolutionary levels or steps, starting from the primitive man ending in the very evolved man, that compose an ascending scale that goes from the very rudimentary to the most subtle. It is the reflection of the "evolutionary elliptic" that we must follow from the beginning of our incarnations until we become again a subtle vibration.
Even if we are born as a "divine seed" and have in our inner self all the faculties in an embryonic state, we cannot experience from that moment as humans if we have not developed our capabilities.
If we come onto contact with physical vibrations directly without any previous preparation we will make mistakes due to ignorance, incurring in debts with the law of law unfairly. In such circumstances there would be no divine justice.
Besides we should think that the evolutionary step that belongs to humans is only one in the whole evolutionary elliptic to which every spirit is bounded.
Newly born from God, the spirit is a "divine seed" that according to the law of experience must get in touch gradually with every kind of vibration that exists in the universe.
Being born in the most subtle of vibrations, it must get denser until it arrives in planes of shape such as our own, that is to say that it must come into contact with all the vibrations that compose our world. Those vibrations are grouped in the four kingdoms; mineral, vegetal, animal and human.
Whether a plant with flowers and fruits germinates from a seed or an enormous tree does it is because the seed has or not developed its whole potential. Animals develop their potential by reaching adulthood.
A creature develops all the physical and spiritual faculties that he or she has brought in rudimentary form from birth until it becomes of age.
As we can see, all the physical things, visible or invisible comply with the universal law of evolution and progress and we must follow the evolutionary elliptic in the physical aspect and the spiritual one.
In the universe nothing is useless, everything has a purpose that is always absolutely for good even if it appears not to be so.
We must think that the mineral kingdom is the first form of life in out planet, the vegetal kingdom is the second, the animal kingdom the third one and the human one the last and more evolved form.
This definition is in accordance with the investigations of science.
It is totally observable if we contemplate the complexity of the exponents of each kingdom. we will see that this sequence applies to every logic argument we submit it to.
When the moment has come for the "divine seed" to start experiencing in worlds of shape, like ours, it must not be a stranger to any of the vibrations that compose it, that would be against its free will, because not knowing it could not choose and besides, it would suffer vibratory shocks that it could not deal with.
When we study the kingdoms of nature we find out that the first one that was generated was the mineral one, that later originated the other kingdoms, because is the primary component of all the others.
We must remember that science explains that the planets were given off by the sun and that were in the beginning only an igneous mass of mineral elements. That was the case with our planet, it cooled down and natural phenomena started taking place that gave it its present shape. If we remember the ages, first were the minerals in completely igneous form, then, millions of years later vegetal forms appeared and the first vertebrates, more millions of years later the more complex animal forms appeared and then man. Science has postulated this, and science has determined which were the geological ages and next we will review them.

Precambric or Azoic, Primary or Paleozoic, Secondary or Mesozoic, Tertiary or Cenozoic and Quaternary or Antropozoic.
Precambric or Azoic: it is the most ancient period from which no fossils have been found.
It began with the formation of the crust of the Earth. In this age there were several orogenic cycles with plenty of metamorphosis and magmatic processes. (Magmas = minerals at high pressure and a temperature of 600° to 1500° C, mainly silicates and volatile compounds). The duration of this age is uncertain, it is calculated in 4000 millions of years.
Primary of Paleozoic: In the Paleozoic there was a sudden increase of the living organisms that is related to the changes in the atmospheric composition and the weather. The first terrestrial plants and the first vertebrates. Its duration is approximately 340 millions of years.
Secondary or Mesozoic: This age is called the age of reptiles because it is when their greatest expansion took place and the occupied all the environments (air, water and land).
Mammals appear and birds. The vegetal kingdom continued its expansion including now the first phanerogam and vascularcryptogams. This age lasted approximately 165 millions of years.
Tertiary or Cenozoic: During this age the superior plants reached their maximum development, gymnosperms and angiosperms, and in animals, birds and mammals. Another important characteristic of this age was the disappearance of the great reptiles that establishes the division between Mesozoic and Cenozoic.
Quaternary or Antropozoic: The most notable characteristics of the period are, the glacial period, the appearance of flora and fauna very similar to the present one and naturally the appearance of men. Those were the last two millions of years.

Radioactive dating allows us to measure geological times, age is assigned according to the degradation speed of the radioactive isotopes, these were not discovered until the nineteenth century.
Each radioactive isotope ends up transformed in a final and stable disintegration product (Uranium 238 turns into Lead 206, Uranium 237 turns into Lead 207), knowing the disintegration speed the time any mineral containing uranium took to disintegrate can be inferred and then much can be investigated about the past of any examined rock.
The data obtained by this methods shows that Earth has over 4.5 thousand million years, the most antique rock known is 3.96 thousands of years old, it was found in the Acasta gneiss, a place to the south west of Canada. In Groenland, Labrador and Western Australia rocks as old as this one were found too.
Geological time is divided in eons (from the greek aion = age), ages and minor units. The history of Earth is divided conventionally in three eons:
ARCAIC: Starting from the birth of the planet up to 2500 millions of years. It was a time without life.
PROTEROZOIC: (Proteros = first) It finished 2000 millions of years ago. Here the first living beings appeared.
FANEROZOIC: (Phaneros = manifest) It started 540 million of years ago. During this time more evolved types of life appeared and it continues up to these days.

This defines the process the divine seed must follow in this part of its journey, because this journey starts from its birth and ends with its reintegration with the Divinity. In the next pages we will study the spiritual aspects of its evolution.
Our experience in this world starts by getting in touch with the mineral kingdom, that is the basis of all the rest of the kingdoms. Actually this is only a "contact" stage, this means that the divine seed does not take the shape of the mineral but it comes into contact with it, going in and going out quickly. In this way it gets know the vibrations that later it must use in the other kingdoms.
Once the divine seed has finished its experience in the mineral kingdom and it has achieved a greater evolutionary point it starts experimenting the vegetal kingdom. What type of experience does it make in this kingdom? We can mention the ones relative to contact with air, sun, rain, heat, cold, winds, storms and in some cases they experience closeness with human vibrations.
In this experience the seed enters the vegetal shape although it does not possess it, the vegetal lives by itself independently of the divine seed and it advances from the simplest to the most complex forms.
All the sensations of both kingdoms, mineral and vegetal, are absorbed by the sensory and mental aspects of the divine seed, called at this point "embryo", in very subtle and primary forms so as to be able to recognize those vibrations when they appear in more complex shapes.
Then it is the turn for the animal experience, where according to its evolutionary level it starts getting the name of semi-conscious state or "semi-conscious level". Starting from unicellular organisms and finishing in the most complex ones, so as to start getting in touch with the vibrations progressively in order to avoid vibratory clashes when adopting more advanced forms. In this level the seed adopts the shapes, it is part of the animal form, starting to develop its sense of individuality in the more advanced examples, the more evolved ones, it starts having semi consciousness of its existence.
The experience in the animal kingdom is very long since the seed must accumulate a very large number of sensations and feelings that, together with the ones it already has, are going to constitute its soul and its awareness of good and evil.
We can see that in that way it experiences a whole range of sensations and feelings, even if they are rudimentary ones. It always starts from the simplest forms, to start getting used to the animal vibrations. It is very difficult to make a complete list of all the experiences but that could be well complemented by careful observation or our surroundings.
We can mention that they go from maternity to death, this could be caused by another animal (eat and be eaten), sicknesses or accidents or by men. Attack and be attacked. Live alone or form family or social groups (herds, shoals, etc) or as it is the case with ants and bees in actual organizations or societies. They can live very short experiences like mosquitoes or very long ones like turtles or elephants. In this part of the evolutionary elliptic the divine seed starts experiencing in the simpler forms and little by little it evolves and comes closer to more evolved forms until it reaches the ones that have contact with the human beings. That is why we can observe that the last experiences are made in domestic animals, receiving all kinds of feelings and at the same time they are near to the human vibration that will be their next dwelling place.
This animals have a very evolved reason, and they feel our states of mind. Besides, they show a degree of intelligent development and many times we feel compelled to say they "only lack speaking". That is because the aspects of mind and soul are the same as ours only in an earlier evolutionary stage, in other words, less developed.
In any case, when the seed changes from the mineral to the vegetal world it starts in unicellular shapes that have mineral and vegetal elements, when it starts experiencing in the animal kingdom it does so in unicellular organisms that have vegetal and animal elements. We can mention some of these organisms: protozoa, corals, lichens, some species of algae, etc.
This is because the law of experiences foresees that there should not be vibratory shocks, because if the seed does not come into contact with the vibrations that it will use to manifest itself in advance, those would be completely unknown to it and would cause as a consequence a loss of harmony for the "divine seed" that would prevent it from adequately completing the experience.
A "divine seed" must not experience every vegetal form or every animal form, it must gain experience following a defined line of species that cover the totality of its development needs. In a defined line there are many species that can be considered parallel so it would be necessary to experience only one these parallel forms not all of them. Per example: In the "feline" species it is not necessary to experience all of them.
Each seed progresses through both kingdoms in a straightforward way, necessary to the evolution process, there is no need to experience all the parallel species.
The difference between the "divine seed" that lives in the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, and the "complete conscience" that lives in the human kingdom, is the degree of evolution achieved, because the spirit of man has mental and sensory vibrations similar to the ones the "divine seed" has only in a different evolutionary stage.
Given the fact that both are aspects of the same spirit, born from God and with different evolutionary progress, we call them "divine seed" and "complete conscience" only to differentiate the point in the elliptic they are in. We should remember that the "divine seed" goes through two evolutionary stages, as an "embryo" when it experiments the mineral and vegetal kingdoms, and as "semi-conscious" in the animal kingdom.
All the experiences lived, up to that point are stored by the mental aspect of the seed besides being incorporated to the soul to compose the sensory aspects.
In the next chapters we will study in detail the transition from animal to human, when we have assimilated more elements that will allow us to understand that part of our experience adequately. This concept will be thoroughly clarified under the title "Human Form".
In every kingdom the seed starts in the more subtle and simple aspects, and as it evolves and progresses it uses more evolved and complex elements.
This "divine seed" starts its elliptic in our world with its divine faculties, will and free will in a development status, and achieves evolution through experiences in the mineral and vegetal (embryo), animal (semi-conscious) kingdoms.
Once finished the experience in these kingdoms, having awoken completely our sense of individuality we carry out a process in space that consists in analyzing everything we have experienced and shape our conscience of good and evil. This is a very long process because there would be a great number and variety of vibrations that must be completely analyzed.
In space, once developed the conscience and the aspects of the soul that allow us to use our will and free will, we assume a form in the human world, becoming a "complete conscience", having evolved and developed the innate faculties of our divine quality, that is to say, we are ready to reason, choose, discern, feel, love, think even if in a rudimentary way at first, as a primitive man.
As the divine laws are fair and perfect, they restrain man always according to his evolutionary level. The actions of a primitive being are not equal to the actions of an evolved one.
If this was not so, the mistakes made in the beginning of the experience would prevent our progress because we would not have overcome all the necessary aspects.
Because of that the divine justice acts according to the evolutionary level achieved by each one of us, in other words, every one of us must account for our actions before the law according to the evolution and progress attained.
No only the individual spiritual evolution is taken into account, but also the social, cultural, religious, ethnical aspects that we had to live with. For example: polygamy means different things in our western society, where it is punishable, and in the eastern countries where it is completely legal.
If we do it in the west we acquire a karmic debt.
We are taken to those places in the world were we have to live an experience and if we act according to the human laws of society, the religious precepts of the doctrine, the cultural aspects and the permanent expression of love according to the evolutionary level achieved, all of this according to what our conscience dictates, our real conscience, we will have acted really well before the law, acquiring evolutionary progress for our spirit.
The same event means different things for beings that are in different evolutionary stages, from each of them a different response is expected according to the level of good or bad their souls have achieved.
A primitive being still acts conditioned by rudimentary mental and emotional-sensorial aspects, in other words, the majority of his actions are instinctive and caused by its rudimentary conscience. If we analyze it objectively it is not the same to hunt for food that to hunt for sport. The difference is ever greater if the being is very evolved or with deep spiritual knowledge, because he should know that he must not interfere with the experience of the "divine seeds". If we have real spiritual principles we must constantly express love, fraternity, tolerance, understanding, apply discernment, put our free will to the service of our spiritual aspect and act according to our real conscience.
The more advanced our spiritual conscience is, the greater the offence against the law with every mistake.
To summarize some concepts, we can see that life is present in everything that exists, so we must surround plants, animals and nature with love.
This does not mean that we should not, in some cases, eliminate plants or animals that harm us, but we must take into account the intention, vibration we do it with, what is our feeling. If when we eliminate something we do it with a desire of vengeance, lack of love, aggression, we are incurring in a debt with the law of love, but if we do it with responsibility, asking that the "embryos" and "semi- consciences" that are experimenting in that medium continue with their evolution, we are not only acting well but at the same time are helping those spirits in their evolutive path. All the spirits that are experimenting in Nature have their mental aspect and soul, so they receive the positive and negative vibrations of our mind and soul adapted to their capacity for reception.

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