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We would have to only make experiences of solidarity, love, tolerance, harmony, brotherhood, respect, order, work, study, economic, scientific and social progress focused towards the communal property, right societies, to feel brothers to us of our brothers, but with our errors, our Selfish Love, our lack of humility, love towards the others, we created in addition painful experiences.
We do not have to forget that we have comprised of this humanity and that also we generated the disadvantages that now we suffer, but are able to help to our brothers, vibrating in love, humility and knowing that with our actions and our examples we can cause that the others think about that can be lived on different way and to be happy.
We will try to extend the concepts on each one of the experiences that to us our negativizado plane of forms presents/displays and doliente to which we have taken it, during the development of this part.

Selfish Love

"We are born" of the Divinity with the faculty to love like essence of our spiritual life. Like humans, when having free will and letting to us influence by the negative vibrations that reign in our world, we transformed that true love into Selfish Love, happening to interest to us more in our own things that by the others.
We give priority to our personal desires before which to all action of good towards our brothers, treating to still obtain own benefits at the cost of any negative action of egoísmo, intolerancia, sojuzgamiento, excessive ambition.

Who makes undergo the fellow becomes damage to itself.
Who helps to another one aid to itself.

All these actions give rise to the antagonisms, the discriminations, the wars, and everything what separates instead of uniting. Once again let us remember that everything what unites is positive, everything what separates is negative.
He is valid to propose human profits to us; improvements economic, ascents in our work, good conditions of life, but all that must to be obtained with to drive positive, to obtain it by means of our own effort and without to damage to others, without to generate vibrations negative that soon we must to redeem with pain, because we will such receive damages that we have caused, all this within the law of cause and effect.
We return to insist that he is totally valid that we have anxieties to progress humanly, single we must consider if this is not transformed into an excessive ambition.
When forming an idea of which we want to us to obtain in our life we must recognize our limitations and not to fix to us a horizon impossible to obtain, that it induces us to driving without scruples to obtain it. The moderation must measure all our intentions.
If to satisfy our Selfish Love we harmed a resemblance, we criticized to the others, we used our position to subjugate, at some moment we will receive that same damage, that same critic, that same sojuzgamiento like answer to our action.
How we redeemed that transformed vibration, reacting before the pain without revolt, including/understanding that if it has arrived to us, thus it corresponds, that is the turn out of ours to drive in this one or another life, and doing the intention to us of not incurring more thoughts and feelings that are not within the tonic of the love. If we managed to pass with total acceptance the experience we will have redeemed the vibration and it does not return to arrive a similar situation to us, in opposite case it will be repeated until we obtain its overcoming.

Some manifestations of the Selfish Love:
We see everything it in relation to our interest. We looked for first to be pleased to we ourself, before to the others.
Ours to speak, in his majority, it must like aim attract the attention towards we ourself.
We boasted of our supposed capacities and virtues. We make badly shine to the fellow to consider it inferior to us.
We complained before God about not to have received what we deserve in the life, the relations, the work. We fall in the car conmiseración. We exaggerated our loads and difficulties and we do not see those of the fellow. We thought that we deserve but attention.
We thought but about the bay and passenger: comfort, appearances, fame, health.

The true love impels to think to us about the others before in we ourself and it allows to really cheer us to us before the other people's profit, however, when this vibration is transformed, is to say that the positive vibration of love is changed of polarity, is changed in negative vibration, we were transformed into beings egoistic, distrustful, envious, suffered, proud.

"the Selfish Love divides to the men, humility unites them."

Making the good it is only possible to really be happy. To commit an injustice is worse than to undergo it.

When being dominated by the Selfish Love we did not tolerate that somebody obtains things that we could not or he surpasses to us in some aspects.
For example: if we have some person in our house that helps us with the domestic tasks we do not impose our position to subjugate it or to hurt it with our reproaches, because we are demonstrating our Selfish Love. On the contrary, we indicate to him lovingly as would like us that she made certain task and of not attacking it by the form in which did it.
The same it happens in our work, if we must guide people who are to our position. This does not mean that if it is necessary to arrive at a dismissal situation not we do it; it means that before we must exhaust all the instances, to speak time and time again with that person, to give all the possible opportunities him, to listen to and to analyze its position, and if even so the problem persists to communicate our decision to him in personal form, not by third; let us go to our brothers with our better feeling; to feel love by that being and nonrejection or anger.
Let us make an analysis of our reactions: that it happens in us when we are criticized, when we are attacked, as we acted in those cases.
For example, if a being marks some to us of our defects, we answered to him of bad way, we attacked it, and we criticized the defects to him his.
Single our own analysis will take us to the way of our overcomings, but the true analysis, not that fact with benevolence, but the strict and real analysis of each one of our actions. It is the true tool that we have.
Let us take advantage of this example to determine the three levels of analysis that we can use.
The first level is to react saying: "that lack of tact, as it is going to say that", covering of that way the possibility of analyzing that there is really and overturning the problem in the other.
The second level would be: "I reacted bad before that person, I will have again to be contained".
He is something better because we have identified than our reaction was not agreed but we remained there.
The third level is: "I must analyze my interior, does not have to bother to me that me it says it, that is that something has in which makes me react illegally". That is the true analysis that we must do, by means of which we will obtain, little by little, to be working on some facets of our Selfish Love. Nonsingle we must detect what there is to improve but that we must put our effort in making it.
This way, with running of the time, we will arrive to dominate our reactions and to eliminate each one of the vibrations that compose the Selfish Love transforming it into true love, in love towards our resemblances.
The law approaches each one of us the circumstances necessary to work on the overcoming aspects that correspond to us and to advance in our progress.
When being eliminating the Selfish Love aspects it changes our life of relation, more we are enabled very intuitively to perceive the necessities by those who surround to us, of our relatives, our friends, our all that, fellow workers that approach to us, because we must get to understand that it leaves from our task in this world is to take the aid to our resemblances.
We are enabled for it, single we clean of impurities our way.
The Selfish Love is pronounced with greater gravity in the political, religious, racial groups, getting to produce the wars, the genocides, the inquisiciones, the slavery. Whichever examples we have had until now and that disastrous have been: first and World War II, the genocide in Germany, the inquisición in Spain, etc. etc.
All this disappears when we have obtained that the Selfish Love returns to its original polarity, that is to say, stops being a vibration transformed to be a positive vibration, a vibration of love towards everything what exists.
Vibrating in the true love no desarmoniza offense us, we will know to respond with love, still to the most severe aggressions.
Of all ways, this does not mean that we do not act with firmness in some cases, that we try to put the things in its due place, but must be done with love, understanding and tolerance.
It is I bid to mark the things that we understand that they are bad, but always treating about not attacking, of not making worse the situation, to wait for the opportune moment in that the person can listen to us. If it is put bad, it answered angrily, we surround it with our love and we wait for a better moment. Our word must be firm but loving.
Let us remember that "Nothing is lost, everything becomes", is to say that the vibration that radiates of us remains latent until it can act. From that way we arrived at that being with our vibration that surrounds it by always and acts when it is in vibratory conditions to receive it, when it appears a small lucecita in that being.
Each one of the facets of the Selfish Love, envies it, the Selfish Love, the vanity, the jealousy, the egoísmo, the ambition, is a negative vibration in itself, for that reason our Selfish Love is so strong, because it is the sum of those vibrations. Let us work in each one of them and thus, little by little we will be eliminating the obstacles that they prevent us to continue progressing.

Beam of your soul a diamond, to each blow one more a facet, so that a day is all luminous one.

Who it has many vices you have many masters.

That different it is if each one of us actuá, feels and thinks based on the others, we tried to go in aid of our fellow without thinking about us; there will always be one who will take care to help us in our own necessities.

"Looking for the good of our resemblances, we will find ours."

However, we act without waiting for compensates some, because otherwise we are putting in front a negative vibration of interest in obtaining something in return. The law always responds to our actions, we remember that "all action brings a reaction". Still without waiting for we received it so much either as or we have made.
It is part of our love to help to that needs it, to be guiá and nonjudge, we cannot judge then we do not know absolutely anything that being; that we know of its experiences, of the purpose of its incarnation, the evolutionary point that it has.
Each one of us is the thousand and thousand product of years of experience, hundreds of incarnations, and different elliptical route in our evolutionary one, that is that we either do not know too much we ourself.
If we include/understand clearly this concept we will let compare itself with the others, and will have understood that each one is for itself and by itself, which we do not have to enter competition to surpass to, to be better, totally negative vibration impregnated of vanity and Selfish Love.
If we must compete in a game, in a sport, or in any circumstance that appears us, we must do it healthily, with our love, respecting to our adversary, acting positively, using valid means, accepting the results, not feeling nor the minimum vanity lovingly. The competition allows us to value whatever of our Selfish Love is surpassed according to as we acted in her.
The human life is for our soul source of experiences, through which we acquired the knowledge that allows to discern us and to choose, with total conscience, our way.
Frequently we see ourselves before the necessity to choose between yes and no, between the good and badly, in the moral aspect of the facts that leave us to the step and, even with the best intention, some times we were mistaken in the election.
However, that mistake, with all the disadvantages and until the pains that can cause to us, is a experience that our soul assimilates, transforming it into knowledge that allows to discern us suitably when we return to be a similar experience as opposed to, because the committed errors can benefit to us if we managed to extract of them education who lock up.
As the moral progress requires a effort before which we have wavered with extreme frequency, an evident and dangerous imbalance between the mental progress and the moral progress exists today.
The moral climate in which we are immersed impels to us to choose the easiest and brief way for the profit of our aspirations or the satisfaction of our desires and necessities and that he is not indeed agreed with our conscience of good and badly.
Those impulses constitute, indeed, the obstacles that we must overcome and surpass with our will and our effort.
Nevertheless, in many cases that set out to follow by the way of the good they resign to the temptations not to see itself exposed the danger that imply the human requirements.
The concept to resign as purpose is, also, an erroneous concept, because resigning, although it can release to us momentarily of the danger does not eliminate of our human soul the possibility of doing it. The danger does not disappear but that remains latent and can arise at any time from weakness.
Our necessity is not to resign, but to surpass.

The virtue, sometimes, does not consist of abstaining from the vice, but of not wishing it.

We do not have to elude the temptation, but to try to surpass it, that does not affect our soul, fortifying to us in the good concepts and not separating to us, at any moment of the way that our conscience indicates to us.
In fact all overcoming begins with resigning gradual, to resign that we must deepen until is transformed into overcoming, that is that is not bad that we begin resigning whenever our objective is the overcoming.
The negative impulses that they push to us towards the lack of affection, the ambition, the vanity, the egoísmo, are aspects of the human life to which we do not have to allow that they manage to separate to us from the love and good way that we must follow to totally fulfill the purpose of our incarnation.
In that form, not eluding the temptations but analyzing them from the spiritual point of view and trying to always apply the dictations of our conscience we will verify that nothing is worth before our spiritual force, that is fortified with each carried out rejection, then the temptations will move away of us because we will have surpassed them.
The moral and material obstacles that to us our human life presents/displays are not our enemies but that on the contrary allows us to be making the overcoming effort which essentially we needed to be able to obtain spiritual progress that by law corresponds to us to reach.


The tolerance is one of our virtues that we must increase.
By means of her we will obtain a life of more harmonious relation, since we will avoid discussions and bad moments caused by the intolerancia towards the defects of the others, towards its aggressions, towards its behavior.
A tolerant person is appreciated and accepted much more in the society since its behavior is very different from most of the humanity.
If we are tolerant our action she will call the attention since the normal thing is to react to an offense with an aggression and this then will cause the question: Because sos tolerant? Because you did not answer to him? appearing therefore the opportunity to speak of our philosophy of life to where we created advisable.
The important thing is that they have noticed it, because that conduct will influence in that person, will make it think and to consider some things and in addition is a love act to spread our philosophy that will help to our resemblances in its progress.
When we illegally treated a person who is tolerant and comprehensive with us we noticed that when analyzing our conduct we tried not to return to commit the error to bother that person and in addition it brings forth of us a loving vibration towards that being whom it impels to us to have contacts with her.
The same the others with respect to us react if we are comprehensive and tolerant with its imperfections and errors.

"Tolerance is not to make concessions, but it is not indifference either. Tolerance is to know the other. It is the mutual respect by means of the mutual understanding. We must leave old myths and apply the result of the studies made recently: the man is not violent by nature. The intolerancia is not part of ' ours genes'. The fear and the ignorance are the roots that cause the intolerancia and their patterns can print themselves in psique human from very early age."
Mr. Federico Greater Zaragoza, Chief of a main directorate of UNESCO.
The Year of Tolerance - 1995

If we are before a intolerante person we will try to elude it to avoid disagreeable situations, discussions and quarrels, and if it is a tolerant person and comprehensive he is a true one to please and its tolerance impels to us to approach us her and to enjoy its company.
Let us consider, in addition, that if we observed in the other errors and imperfections, each one of those errors and imperfections is in us. Of to have surpassed totally some of them we would not perceive it, because that vibration no longer hits target in our soul.
We repeated: if an aspect were surpassed, its vibration does not hit more target in the soul, therefore it happens unnoticed, the circumstance happens to our side without we realize.
In order to be able to be comprehensive and tolerant we must eliminate of our soul envies it, the egoísmo, the vanity, and other aspects of the Selfish Love that makes us be intolerantes. Acerquémonos to the others with true affection, because we needed that they are tolerant and comprehensive with our own errors.
The tolerance avoids many misfortunes, disagreements and separations in the familiar groups, the work, social means and all our life of relation.
This establishes and fortifies affective bonds that originate that it finds more union, friendship, harmony, and facilitates the way towards the true brotherhood.


It says to the dictionary "violent Passion that moves to indignation and anger".
The anger is one of our defects that more human and spiritual problems carry to us since it prevents to think, to meditate, to measure our words, to analyze the situations us, to dominate our acts, and that in many opportunities take to situations impossible to revert.
When we are dominated by the anger, the words, the gestures, instill fear, causing a separation of social means and familiar difficult to surpass then that negative feeling it roots in our aspect of soul (emotional-sensorial), had of pride, vanity, pride, ambition.

"the anger resides only in the fools"

The most important effect is than it does not allow to use our free will, faculty of our spirit who causes that we analyze our actions on the basis of our conscience of good and badly.
The anger makes us react with all the force of our own love, it places to us in negative land and it affirms in us waking up our pride that every time acts with more firmness preventing to analyze our actions and to recognize our errors.
Let us return to remember that we acted the force always yet of our own evolutionary point, with the force of our spirit, either in or like in badly. Our action takes implicit that force.
When a person thinks different from us or she is not of our convenience we exploded in anger becoming cloudy our understanding, we felt impelled to act with retaliation before which to us they seem to us offenses.
In addition, the state that causes the anger to us produces a nervous imbalance that is demonstrated in the gestures and the gestures, and can produce physical upheavals of all nature in the organism, originating alterations that usually have very disagreeable consequences, from gastric to cardiac.
Thus as with our positive actions we attract positive vibrations that benefit to us, al to act negatively we attract compatible negative vibrations, that harm to us in our matter and by in our health and in addition they reinforce that negative aspect.
Those vibrations do not allow us to react before our attacks of anger and therefore it will be very difficult to us to eliminate that aspect of our human life.
We have not felt sorry by to have pronounced hirientes words in a while of anger, we have not felt anguish by ours to drive negative dominated by the anger. This must impel to us to eliminate of our soul all vestige of anger.

Consuélate to support the injustices, the true misfortune consists of committing them.

IIt is important as first step to feel repentance or distresses by our behavior, but we do not have to remain in that first step, we must advance trying to dominate our anger, even, little by little to eliminate it.
If we are in a spiritual way, if we constantly tried to perfect itself, if we have managed to be tolerant, to live in love, does not bring forth in us the anger.
If we see a person surrounded in the anger, we broadcast it our love yet, wishing that it can surpass that aspect that as much badly causes. That love will remain around to his until it begins to react and then it helps it fortifying his will to eliminate it.


It says the dictionary: "Tenacious preoccupation, excessive enthusiasm whereupon defends religious ideas, beliefs or opinions."
The fanaticism does not allow that we use our mind to discern, but that we are delimited by the own ideas, attacking, to who does not think like us.
The fanaticism is so frightful that causes that we do not accept anything that is not agreed with our concepts and that we get to try to eliminate all those that they are in discord.
If fanatizamos we do not see us, we do not include/understand nor we accepted anything that contradicts our own idea, and felt and we considered like our enemy to all that that does not agree.

A fanatic is somebody that cannot change of mentality and it does not want to change of subject.

The great religious inquisiciones, the racial genocide, the religious terrorism, and other atrocities have their origin in the fanaticism.
Fanaticism religious is worse of all them beings that shows it, because they get to think that they have a spiritual benefit to immolate itself, in defense of the Divinity, without discerning that the Divinity cannot be reached nor be damaged and that single spiritual benefit is obtained if we acted with true love.
In addition, this negative emotional state is used by beings without scruples, that manage to dominate to great groups of fanatics for their own benefit, obtaining to be able and domination.
This begins with the endiosamiento of people or things to those who attribute virtues to him, qualities, powers that in fact they do not have, but that the fanaticism prevents to see, it is more, endiosan it and they follow it until death accepting all the orders without discussion, thinking, without meditating, arriving at the most atrocious actions. The violent facts when are increased remarkably they are in groups, because the negative vibration is multiplied.
In name of God the most preposterous actions without considering are made that all action has an answer of the law. Even though its own religion speaks of the love towards the others, think that "the others" are single those that have their same ideals and they do not see in the others his spiritual brother.
Those are prone to the fanaticism that suffer from Selfish Love and egoísmo, falling easy prey of that vibration, however that vibrates in love and humility, sees in its resemblances its brothers, has the tolerance and the understanding necessary to accept other ideas different from hers, never it enters that negative vibration, because not condice with the positive vibrations of his soul.
As it is the true analysis that, from our true conscience we must do?
All the ideas, religious, racial, political, social concepts, etc., are of this human life, are aspects that they have to do with our experience; of no way they are absolute and not even they last more than an incarnation, because we have already seen that if we hated to a certain race the law will cause that in next incarnations we integrate that race until loving it.
Also it can happen that in our next incarnation no longer those religious elements exist, racial, social, political, that we have defended fanatically.
Everything is ephemeral, as our human life is ephemeral. Then we defend something that soon disappears.
When we know in clearly all the spiritual concepts that they arrive to us through this means and we see that we have found our true way, we must be alert of not falling in the fanaticism, to want to impose our concepts, not even these concepts; we must disclose them with love, but not try to impose them, because they will penetrate in the mind and the soul of our brothers if we acted with our vibration of love.
Let us remember that everything we must do it through the vibration of love that is in our soul from the "spiritual birth" like "divine seed".
Our analysis must be comprehensive, loving and tolerant, therefore never we will arrive at the fanaticism. When we see some fact, it devises or concept in opposition to our true conscience we must project on him our loving thought requesting that acts the law according to corresponds and to accept with faith everything what happens.
Often the answers to our orders are not all the pleasant one that we want, not for that reason they stop being beneficial for our spirit, because the circumstances will always be most beneficial although often they are painful.

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