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The Kirlian Effect

Of the Bulletin of Information of the Soviet Embassy March of 1975.
In 1939 the repair of an apparatus proposed al expert electrician Semión Kirlian to make medical massage by currents of high frequency, installed in a hospital. When proving the apparatus, Kirlian was interested in the unloading that took place between the electrode, covered of glass, and the skin of the hand. The unloading seemed to change of color and Kirlian wanted to photograph it. The first experiments gave an amazing result: imprimía in the film the drawing of the palm of the hand, seemed to one is radiographed, surrounded by an aureole and covered by infinity of clear points. The fingers emitted rays, as if they were reflectors.
Kirlian began to look for new methods to obtain more perfect images. Valentin helped him her wife. Before the Kirlian marriage they were opened to more amazing phenomena every day gradually. All being and weave, living, under the influence of the field of high frequency, produced an individual irradiation. This reflected the anatomical contour of the photographed object, but it distinguished myself by mobility, the dynamism, that depended on the state of the organism. The vegetal leaf expiresor the skin of the tired person did not produce the same irradiations that the living leaf or the skin of the rested person.
In the picture of the processes originated by the unloadings, they were let feel without lack the disease, the poisoning or the psychic state of the investigation object, if this one were a person, That was chance or law? This was what worried to the Kirlian. The observations made during many years, made deduce them that, in equal experimental conditions, the picture provided by the electrical unloadings of high frequency on same objects was reproducible, reiterateable. Said of another way: supeditaba to certain laws and was allowed to obtain a notion on the electrical state of the animated and inanimate nature. Thus the "Kirlian effect" arose. Before publishing the results of their observations, the investigators studied the question during 25 years: escrupulosidad example truely scientist.
The Kirlian Effect and the Bioenergía.
The discussion around the nature of the same one began as much soon as the news of this one was had and continues until today, as much between the Soviet scientists as those of other countries. The publication of the work of the Kirlian spouses agreed in the time with the edition in Russian of the works of the Hungarian Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nóbel Prize, that had cardinal importance for the evelopment of science on the life. Szent-Gyorgyi based its works on the conception on the connections between the processes of the vital activity and those of the electronic excitation of molecules, cells, weaves and, finally, of the organism as a whole. Gyorgyi supposes that the organism is penetrated by an invisible flow, whose particles - electrons are carrying of energy, it loads and information, and serve like a fuel species for all the vital processes. The "Kirlian effect" puts, indeed, into the hands of the biologists, an experimental method to study the power processes in the living organism. The hypothetical processes assumptions, permissible in the animated organism became visible, reasonable to the observation.
Bioplasma? Cold Emission of Electrons?
The first conference on questions of bioenergy in which the Kirlian effect treated, was celebrated in 1968 in the USSR, the city of Alma-Ato', capital of Kazajstán.
There a group of investigators of the National University of Kajaza, headed by the young biologist Víctor Iniushin, today Doctor in Biological Sciences, made the balance of the biological study of four years of the Kirlian effect. Confirmóse once again that the luminescence of the animated object was not stable but that it depended on infinity of circumstances, included/understood the daily Earth rates. The studies established the relation between the luminescence and the intensity of the respiratory processes. With the particularitity of which an interesting phenomenon was put in evidence, to which they denominated effect of extinction of the luminescence, If a same object is put under continuously and during enough time (10 to 30 minutes) to the effects of the current of high frequency the intensity of the luminescence is debilitated. This effect only takes place in the living organisms and it is not pronounced of any way in metals, nor in solid dielectrics.
Thus, then, new experiments and new data. But which is the physical nature of the discovered phenomenon? According to the criterion of the Kirlian spouses, the autoelectrónica emission in field of high frequency is inherent to all the bodies of the nature, including the living organisms. Iniushin considers that bioplasma- in the living organism is demonstrated to the existence of the matter in plásmico state -. By bioplasma it understands a system of loaded particles free - electrons and ions in the organism, and it considers that, thanks to bioplasma, the mechanism of the action of external the electric fields and magnetic (included/understood the natural ones) in the living organisms could be included/understood.
The Soviet physicist Víctor Adamenko, like result of methodical investigations, has reached the conclusion that the mechanism of the "Kirlian effect" is related to the sprouting of a unloading of high frequency of special type, excited in the air by the electrons that a strong electric field "has started" of the observation object. Using impulses of tension of high frequency, electrons of the living weave without destroying it can "be extracted". This investigator supposes that if were used, in addition an emptiness device, probably could be obtained the image of the living cell. Neuropsiquiatra Thelma Moss, professor of the University Californian him, decided to travel to Moscow and Alma-Ato', to know the works the Soviet specialists in bioenergía. When returning to the United States, in collaboration with the Kendall physicist Johnson, it repeated some investigations of the Soviets and obtained, for the first time in the United States, photographies like those of Kirlian.
The interest by the effect began to grow with as much rapidity, that already in 1972, to initiative of professor S. Krippner - North American psychologist who directs the "Center for the study of the dreams" celebrated in New York the first conference of the Western Hemishpere in which the "Kirlian effect" was discussed. They attended more than 500 biologists, physicists, psychologists, engineers, physiologists, doctors, photographers and criminalistas. It interested in individual the connection discovered by Kirlian between the characteristics of the unloading process and the emotional state of the put under ones the experiment. "the main value of these studies - William Tyller showed in the conference the North American professor, specialist in the physicist of the solid state resides in which, thanks to them, we have obtained detectors with which the study of the psicoenergéticos phenomena can be initiated".
The second conference celebrated in New York in the summer of 1973 already they attended more than thousand people.
The "Therapeutic Electronics".
Doctor Mijaíl Guelkin - a specialistic leningradense surgeon in acupuncture -, when knowing the works Valentin and Semión Kirlian decided to examine with them the possibility of constructing an instrument that helped the doctor to demonstrate the points for the punción in the human body. The Kirlian was interested in the proposal of the doctor, because they had noticed towards much that great part of the 695 points determined for the punción agreed with sectors of intense luminescence. Years later the instrument arose to the world. And it is as well as an old therapeutic method acquired a new slant due to the works of the doctors of Alma-Ata', who decided to infer in the organism through the punción points, not only with needles, but with the laser beams; to exert therefore a species of power stimulation of the vital processes. They were based for it on traditional therapeutic Eastern and national: those of treatment by concentrated solar light. The experiments made in Alma-Ata, where as methods of control to objectively evaluate the influence of the red radiation "Kirlian effect" were also used, they demonstrated the biological hyperactivity of the red region of the phantom: it stimulates the postraumática healing of weaves, and the synthesis of the glicógeno. There laser helioneónicos were used for the first time to cure the hypertension, the injuries in the joints, the endarteritis and the diseases of the metabolism In this case, the "Kirlian effect" allows to judge so much the initial state as course and effect of the treatment.
On what the mechanism of the therapeutic influence is based?
So far there is no certain answer. They will have to give the future investigations. Now the first passages in this way only occur. It is possible that it is related to the electronic excitation of the molecular structures; that quanta electromagnetic or small energies, incapable to injure biological molecules, put them in excitation state.
Like all new medical method, this one also requires a meticulous development and a detailed verification.

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